Protools Ion Smooth Flat
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High-Performance Hair Straightener

The Paul Mitchell Protools Express is a higher-priced, excellently built product. It features 1.25-inch ceramic blend plates, a temperature range up to 410 degrees, digital temperature control, and dual voltage.

1.25’’ ceramic plates

With 1.25-inch ceramic plates, the Paul Mitchell Protools Express deviates from the standard 1-inch width. While this doesn’t really benefit most hair lengths, users with long to very long hair will appreciate the added .25 inches of coverage for a quicker straightening, and it doesn’t interfere with root straightening as much as flat irons that have plates over 1.25-inches, so it’s one of the most versatile flat irons you can get. It would be a great investment for someone who has medium length hair who occasionally grows their hair long.

Maximum heat of 410 degrees

The Paul Mitchell Protools Express heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a good buy for almost any hair type, including very curly or thick hair.

Ceramic-blend plates

The Paul Mitchell Protools Express has plates made from a ceramic and silicone blend; these are NOT full ceramic plates. It still delivers the ionic and infrared benefits of ceramic plates, just in less measure. The silicon in the plates help ensure even heat distribution and straightening for different sections of your hair that may be more or less dense than other sections.


No frying or burning

You will not experience the burning smell associated with straightening when using the Paul Mitchell Protools Express.

Slim design

The Paul Mitchell Protools Express’ slim design makes it easy to straighten hair close to the roots without burning your scalp.

Works great on colored hair

Users have reported that this model is one of the best for treating colored hair without fading the colors; heat and dryness from other flat irons can fade the dye molecules from your hair follicle, but the Paul Mitchell Protools Express’ semi-ceramic plates and negative ion technology help keep moisture in your hair and dye particles from fading.

Dual voltage

The Paul Mitchell Protools Express Flat Iron can be used in the States or overseas, making it a great buy for anyone who travels a lot and wants to be able to use the same straightener at home or while away.


No automatic shut-off

Because the Paul Mitchell Protools Express does not have an automatic shut off time, users who are prone to forgetting to turn their hair straighteners off should look elsewhere for a safer model.

Less durable

Because this model is made of a silicon blend, and silicon is less durable over time than pure ceramic, and you will probably need to replace the plates after a few years of use.

Overall Review

While the Paul Mitchell Protools Express may not last as long as pure ceramic straighteners, it packs quite a punch, without frying or burning your hair. It is one of the top models for colored hair, and its slim design makes it ideal for any user; it works on all hair types, and will not disappoint during its lifespan.