Anti Static Iron
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Budget Straightener for Fine/Normal Hair

The Remington S5500 is a low priced straightener that will meet the needs of a casual user who has fine to normal hair texture and length. It heats up to 410 degrees in as little as 30 seconds, has a static control technology specifically designed to reduce static, and a long swivel cord and 1-inch plates. It also features floating plates for maximum coverage.

Maximum temperature of 410 degrees

The Remington S5500 reaches a temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit, which is similar to many salon-quality flat irons and should accommodate all user’s needs.

Best for fine to normal hair

People with very thick, coarse, wavy or curly hair will see results with this model, but they won’t be as desirable as what you will get with a more professional grade straightener

Static control

The Remington S5500 makes a trade-off: it releases fewer negative ions, which are integral to maintaining hair health during flat ironing, in return for greatly reduced static afterwards. The anti-static technology in this model does what it claims to do admirably and will reduce the static in your hair, but whether or not that is worth the decreased ionic power depends on how often you plan to straighten, your willingness to use high-quality heating protectants on your hair, and other factors.


Swivel cord

The swivel cord on the Remington S5500 makes for a more comfortable straightening experience where you won’t constantly have to twist and turn your body or wrist in order not to snag your hair. Combined with the thin, 1-inch wide plates with rounded edges, you can also flip your hair at the ends or do some light curls if you so desire.

Floating plates

The floating plates on this model help to ensure that all of your hair makes contact with the plates, so you won’t have to go over the same area twice. The floating plates are a great way to get the results you want the first time you straighten, without having to go back and touch up places that weren’t adequately caught within the straightener.

30-second heating

The Remington S5500 will heat up in as little as half a minute.


Not durable

As expected for a budget flat iron, you should not expect the Remington S5500 to last more than two years before temperature controls stop working or it incurs other problems that require it to be replaced.

Strong odor, gets hot

The Remington S5500 will produce a burning odor when heated past 370 degrees, which is very off-putting to some users. The handle will also get hot when used for a long period of time, or at very high heats.

Overall Review

While it won’t last you forever, the Remington S5500 will last a long time when properly cared for and gives you the results you need. While users should debate their need for ionic properties versus the static control, the Remington S5500 would be a welcome addition to most home hair-care routines and satisfy the needs of users who want a simple, inexpensive straightener.