Ceramic Flat Iron Flat Iron
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Budget Flat Iron, Solid Results

The Remingston S9500 hair straightener performs ahead of the pack in terms of budget flat irons; it will suit most users of any hair type. It includes ceramic plates with crushed pearls, automatic shutoff, up to 400 degrees of heating power, and 1-inch plates. It also heats up in 30 seconds and has rounded edges.

Automatic shutoff

If you are the type to worry about whether or not you shut off your straightener before leaving the house, make sure to invest in a straightener with an automatic shutoff. The Remington S9500 automatically shuts off after an hour.

Heats up to 400 hundred degrees

The Remington SP9500 has an upper temperature range of 400 degrees, which is great for any hair type, with the exception of hair that is extremely resistant to straightening. The temperature is controlled digitally to ensure that it remains at your desired setting throughout the straightening process.

1-inch plates

The 1-inch plates on this model are good for all hair lengths, though users with very, very long hair should opt for wider plates.

Pearl-infused ceramic

The crushed pearls in the ceramic plates of the Remington SP9500 give a flawless, effortless glide that will not snag on your hair or pull at your scalp. However, if you find yourself using more than two passes on a certain section, you may feel some scratching and pulling at that point. The ceramic plates also offer great even heating and release ions to help heal your hair during the straightening process; ceramic plates also give off infrared heating, which is the best option for damage-free flat ironing.


30-second heating

The Remington SP9500 boasts that it can achieve high heat levels in as little at 30 seconds.

Works on coarse hair

The Remington SP9500 is one of the better budget models for coarse, tight curls; it will leave even difficult hair feeling silky, soft, and smooth after straightening.

Rounded edges

This model has rounded edges on the plates, making it good for flipping hair at the bottom or for doubling as a curling iron.


Frustrating power button

Users have reported feeling frustrated by the tiny size of the on/off button, and have said that it can be finicky to power up or down. You may have to hold the power button down for a few seconds in order to get the unit to turn off.


Some users may find themselves disappointed in the bulkier size of this model. It will be harder to store or to carry with you than sleeker, thinner models. The Remington S9500 it also is not a dual-voltage model, so it can only be used in the USA.

Overall Review

The Remington S9500 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a quality, no-frills hair straightener that won’t break the bank. It does what it advertises: straightens hair without leaving excess damage. It works great on coarse hair and the pearl-laced ceramic plates offer an easy-glide straightening experience.