Remington S9520 Flat Iron
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Extremely Functional Budget Straightener

The Remington S9520 is one of the most durable and high-quality budget straighteners available. It includes pearl-infused ceramic plates, a temperature range up to 450 degrees, digital temperature controls, and 2-inch plates. It has a short heating time and a comfortable, ergonomic design.

Ceramic plates with pearls

The Remington S9520 boasts that is has 15 times more ceramic in its plates than comparable models; in terms of flat irons, you want as much ceramic as possible in the plates. Ceramic is the source of the ionic and infrared effects that keep hair healthy and smooth, so the Remington S9520 is certainly impressive for its price range in terms of high-quality materials. The pearls infused into the ceramic plates help the flat iron glide through your hair easily without scratching, tearing, or pulling.

450-degree high temperature

With an upper temperature of 450 degrees, the Remington S9520 is great for hair of any texture or type.

Digital controls

The Remington S9520 has easy-to-read digital controls that help ensure you are selecting the right temperature every time. The unit does not have an independent temperature control program or heat recovery technology, but does a good job of maintaining a constant temperature throughout the styling process nonetheless.

2-inch plates

The 2-inch plates on the Remington S9520 are about twice as wide as most users need; this can actually detract from the model’s functionality, especially if it inhibits your ability to get to your roots and straighten the hair near the top of your head. This also keeps you from using this model as an efficient curler; while it does come with a swivel cord, which would usually be a benefit, it’s really too wide to be an effective curler. Of course, it’s not designed to be a curler, so that doesn’t really detract from this model’s primary functions. However, extremely long-haired users will appreciate the 2-inch plates on this model.


Extremely ergonomic design

The Remington S9520 is extremely well-designed to be easy and comfortable to hold in your hand, which is a big plus; when you are uncomfortable, you won’t be able to give your hair the full attention it deserves, so you want to make sure the straightener you choose will not distract you from the task on hand by being bulky or unwieldy.

15-second heating time

The Remington S9520 takes about 15 seconds to heat up, and up to 45 seconds to reach the maximum temperature. A very user-friendly model, this unit will alert you when the ideal temperature has been met by beeping, so you don’t have to do any guesswork.


The Remington S9520 has a hinge-lock to make it easy to store after using.


Handle will overheat

The handle on this model is prone to heating up and possibly becoming too hot to hold when used at its maximum temperatures.

Overall Review

While you won’t get salon-quality results from any straightener in the Remington S9520’s price range, this model comes very close. The pearl-infused ceramic plates provide excellent quality heating power, while the wide temperature range is versatile for styling. It is easy to hold during use and to store afterwards, and is very user-friendly for everyone from a novice to an experienced user.