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Upper-Range, Excellent Flat Iron

The Rusk RSK732 is a well-built and high-quality flat iron for a higher price point. It includes digital temperature settings, a 9-inch swivel cord, a temperature range from 280 to 450 degrees, and ceramic plates blended with titanium. It also has sol-gel technology and 4.5-inch long plates.

Digital temperature setting

The Rusk RSK732 is set digitally, so you’ll always know exactly which temperature you are getting when you use it. Since the Rusk RSK732 uses digital temperature settings, it will not remember your previous setting and reboots every time you start it, meaning you will need to set the temperature each time, as opposed to dial-operated flat irons that automatically heat to your desired temperature.

Titanium-infused ceramic plates

The plates on this model are made entirely of ceramic, not “nano ceramic”, which simply means they contain small particles of ceramic. This is a great feature, and means you are truly getting your money’s worth. Ceramic is great at straightening hair without damaging it, especially at lower temperature levels. The ceramic plates on the Rusk RSK732 are also infused with titanium, which is an excellent heat conductor and the ideal material for especially rough or kinky hair; this gives this model extra points, because its versatile enough to be used on any hair style. Titanium and ceramic also both produce negative ions to counteract dryness, frizz, and damage.

4.5-inch long plates

The plates on this model are 4.5 inches long and a little over 1 inch wide; this makes it a good model for hair of any length, with the exception of extremely long hair. The slightly above-average length could take some getting used to at first.


Sol-gel technology

The Rusk RSK732 boasts “sol-gel technology” to ensure a smooth glide during use, but there is little information about what this actually entails. That being said, this model is good at not getting snagged or caught in hair and offers a smooth flat ironing experience.

9’ Swivel Cord

With a 9 foot swivel cord, the Rusk RSK732 offers plenty of room for movement while in use, and can even be adapted to use as a curler if so desired.

Good temperature range

The Rush RSK732 ranges from about 280 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the most versatile flat irons you can get. Fine, thin hair will not burn or damage at the lowest temperature, while the higher range will help tame difficult hair. The great range on this unit makes it a good choice for stylists who work on diverse hair types regularly.



The Rusk RSK732 doesn’t stay flat, with the plates touching, when not in use, so it is a little harder to store, though this shouldn’t be an issue for anyone but the most tight-spaced users.

Overall Review

The Rusk RSK732 is one of the highest performing straighteners you can get, and will help people of all hair types achieve silky, straight, healthy hair. It has a wide temperature range for versatile styling, and the titanium-ceramic plates make it ideal for all hair types from fine to coarse. It’s a durable, good investment that should meet your needs for a long while.