Tray Food Dehydrator
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Good Budget Dehydrator For Starting Out

The Deni 7200 is a compact, budget-friendly dehydrator that does the job without too many frills. This model effectively dries food, and the food dries evenly with one or two manual rotations during the process. This model is ideal for someone who plans on doing occasional dehydrating, or who wants to experiment before investing in a more expensive model. It is also apartment-friendly and a good size for storage. Its six-tray capacity gives it an edge over other small-sized units which have only four or five trays.

Top vent helps control dehydration

The Deni 7200 includes a vent on the top which can be opened to varying degrees to influence the dehydration process. Leaving the vent open will take longer for your food to dry, while closing it speeds the drying process up significantly but traps the warm, moist air within the unit. You can choose to leave the vent half open for the majority of the drying time, or alternate opening and closing the vent. Jerky will take an average of 15 hours with the vent open and about 8 hours with the vent closed.

7 inch fan, 350 watt motor

For the price range, this unit has acceptable wattage and an above average fan size. The motor has been known to be less durable than more expensive models, depending on how much it is used. Consumers who plan on dehydrating regularly might want to seek out a model with a more lasting motor.

Compact size

The Deni 7200’s small size is both a pro and a con depending on your preference. It is ideal for anyone living in an apartment or who has a very small kitchen, as it is easy to store and takes up minimal space. The model comes with 6 trays, which is impressive for its size, but it leaves very little room in between trays for bulkier items like berries or whole fruits. Consumers looking to dehydrate in bulk will want to seek out a more spacious model.

No timer

This model does not come with a timer, so you will have to keep track of your food as it dehydrates. Otherwise, you can buy an external timer that will shut the unit off at a predetermined time.


Extremely quiet

The Deni 7200 is one of the quietest dehydrators on the market today; it is essentially silent while dehydrating, something many consumers will consider more important than actual drying power. You can easily stay in the same room as the dehydrator without being annoyed by the white noise.

Great starter unit

The Deni 7200’s price point, size, and ease of use makes it a good dehydrator for someone who would like to experiment in drying their own food without the initial heavy investment. It helps users understand the basics of dehydrating without confusing extra frills or options. Its simplicity will help new users feel comfortable with dehydrating.


No temperature control

The Deni 7200 does not offer any form of temperature control, so you cannot adjust the device to fit whatever particular food you are drying. This will be a major problem for more experienced users who want more control over the process, but may be beneficial to new users who simply want to get acquainted with the dehydration process.

Overall Review

The Deni 7200 is one of the least expensive dehydrators on the market today, and the general quality certainly reflects that. However, as a starter machine, it is perfectly functional and a great introduction to dehydrating. Experienced dehydrators will want to upgrade to a more high-tech and powerful model, but the Deni 7200 can hold its own among comparably priced dehydrators on the market. The fact that it is nearly silent during use and extremely compact are huge benefits to this model.