500-Watt 6-Tray Food Dehydrator
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High-Tech Deydrator, Great Price

The L’Equip 306200 features some of the most innovative technology for a lower price point than many less-outfitted models. It comes with 6 trays and fits a total of 12 trays, making it a spacious dehydrator, and includes a 500 watt heating element, which is above average for its price range. An internal heat sensor ensures that the temperature remains at your ideal setting, giving you more control over the dehydrating process.

Moderately sized

The L’Equip 306200 is a medium sized dehydrator with roughly the same dimensions as your average household microwave. It will be easier for anyone with a typical kitchen to store, though users in apartments or who have very small kitchens might find it more cumbersome than some smaller, less-powerful models.


500 watt heating element

At 500 watts, this dehydrator provides above average heating power for its price range, and dries food rapidly compared to some of its competitors. It is also one of the quieter models on the market.

BPA-free plastic

This model is made with BPA-free plastic, limiting the chance of your food being contaminated by outside chemicals. There is little evidence to the dangers of BPA in plastic, but it will make some users more comfortable.

Heat Sensor for stable drying

A unique feature of the L’Equip 306200 is a micro-processor controlled heat sensor that checks the air temperature in the unit every 60 seconds and corrects for temperature changes. This ensures a stable environment for drying foods. There is a temperature control knob that you can set between 93 and 153 degrees Fahrenheit, and the heat sensor will ensure that the temperature does not fluctuate.

Includes extra trays and screens

This model comes with 6 regular trays, 2 fruit leather trays, and 6 mesh screens, eliminating the need to go out and buy extra accessories for different dehydrating projects. An instruction book with recipes is also included, which is a nice touch.


Base-mounted fan and heating element

The L’Equip 306200 has a base-mounted fan rather than a side-mounted fan. This means that the air blows upwards from the bottom of the unit, rather than across from the side. This does not generally impact the quality of the food, though it may require some extra attention from the user to ensure equal dehydrating for all trays. It will also require more cleaning than a top- or side-mounted unit, as moisture and food could drip onto the fan and heating element.

Overall Review

The L’Equip 306200 is a perfect intermediate dehydrator for a small family. It will meet most average dehydrating needs without needing to purchase extra trays, though heavy users will need to invest extra money to use it to its full potential. As with most bottom-mounted dehydrators, users will find themselves needing to rotate the trays manually throughout the drying process, and will need to make sure to keep the fan and heating element clean. The Heat Sensor feature is the unit’s standout quality and ensures that the dehydrating process goes smoothly for new users and advanced users alike.