All-In-One Kit With American Harvest
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Top Mounted Fan

The Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC Food Dehydrator has a top mounted fan which is similar to the Nesco FD-1040 Food Dehydrator but with a much stronger fan. The top mounted fan was intended to dry the food much faster than other types of fans. Due to this feature the food that is being dried can be dried in just hours and not days. Additionally, this means that you do not need to rotate the food at all either because of the even drying the fan allows for.

5 Trays and Jerky Gun

The Nesco Snackmaster FD-61WHC comes with 5 trays. Each tray allows for anywhere between a few pieces of food to a tray full of food. Additionally, all five trays do not have to be used during every food dehydrating session. The jerky gun allows for correct jerky dehydrating, allowing for perfect temperature every time.

Dishwasher Safe and Opaque Vita-Safe Exterior

This Nesco Food Dehydrator disassembles with parts that are dishwasher safe. The disassembling is made very simple for the user of this product. This food dehydrator also has an Opaque Vita-Safe Exterior that keeps the harmful lights out that would otherwise take away the nutritional value of the dehydrated food.

How Does it Work?

The American Harvest FD-61 WHC is designed to dehydrate your food in just hours and it does not take days as other food dehydrators would. This food dehydrator all-in-one-kit works with a top mounted fan blowing air evenly over the five trays of food. This dehydrator can dehydrate all types of food including jerky, fruits and more. The flow from the fan distributes the air throughout all trays producing the faster drying times. There is also a digital timer that allows for programmable features of up to 48 hours.


Jerky Kit Included

This food dehydrator comes with a jerky kit included. This was included for those customers who enjoy dehydrating and processing their own jerky.

Faster Drying Times

This Nesco food dehydrator dehydrates foods in just hours, not days.

No Rotation Needed

Due to the top mounted fan, no rotation is needed throughout the dehydration process.


Instructions are Limited

The instructions may not include as detailed information as some customers would like.

Overall Review

This is a food dehydrator designed to meet the needs of the people who would like to dehydrate anywhere from a few pieces of food to five trays full of food. The Nesco American Harvest Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator All-In-One-Kit with Jerky Gun dries out food evenly and quickly. It certainly beats others in the similar priced market for food dehydrators.