FD-75A Food Dehydrator
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What does it do?

The Nesco Snackmaster is a fan-powered food dehydrator. Dehydrating food allows you to preserve it for a long time, and can bring out natural flavors you can’t achieve by cooking. You can make meat or fruit jerky, create your own onion and garlic seasonings, dry flowers and herbs for potpourri or spices; there is any number of time-saving, money-saving, all-natural uses for a dehydrator. Great for anyone who enjoys camping, hiking, curing meats, or gardening.

Dries food quickly and evenly

Typically, it takes days to fully dehydrate meat, fruit, and other snacks for long-term preservation. The Nesco Snackmaster uses a patented system known as Converga-Flow to speed up the drying process so you can start seeing results in a few hours. In the Converga-Flow process, air is forced down an exterior pressurized chamber and then across each tray of food to ensure even drying times and prevent over- or under-drying. The air is produced by a 700 watt fan, which is top-mounted to avoid the hassle of liquids from your food dripping into the heater chamber.

Comes with five trays, but you have the option to expand

The Nesco Snackmaster comes with five trays, but with the option to add seven more you have the power to dehydrate large amounts of food in no time. And, the unit is designed to keep flavors from mixing so you can dehydrate meat and vegetables at the same time (dehydrating anything with onion is not recommended).

Opaque exterior helps keep nutrients in your food

Light can damage the nutritional value of food when it is in the dehydration process. The Nesco Snackmaster is equipped with an opaque Vita-Save outer shell, which helps deflect lights that would otherwise degrade the quality of your food. This ensures that you are getting the most out of the product every time you use it.

Temperature Control and Accessories

The Nesco Snackmaster allows you to set your own temperature between 95 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can dry food at the proper temperature for that particular food. The unit comes with two sheets for drying fruit rolls or other semi-liquids, two easy-clean mesh screens designed for drying herbs, spices, and other small items, three jerky spice packets for beef or turkey jerky, and a 52-page recipe book and instruction manual.


Temperature Control

Allows you to choose your temperature, from 95 to 160 degrees, so that you can tailor the dehydrating process for whatever particular food you are drying.


Dries food in as little as six hours if you are using it in a drier climate, depending on the type of food and temperature you select.

Top-mounted fan is easy to clean

Top-mounted fan ensures that liquids will not drip and cause a big mess for you to clean up.



This unit is louder than many others on the market and may make it uncomfortable to do other work in the room where you are using it.

Trays are not dishwasher safe

You will have to hand-wash the trays, as they will warp if placed in the dishwasher.

Not ideal for extremely humid climates

Consumers living in areas with high humidity should seek a more powerful model, as the Nesco Snackmaster will take much longer to dehydrate foods.

No timer

This model does not come with a timer, so you will have to keep track of time yourself when dehydrating.

Overall Review

The Nesco Snackmaster is a great dehydrator for everyday use in drier climates. It is simple to operate and does a good job of evenly drying food. The temperature control feature is especially handy and allows you to choose the perfect temperature each time. However, anyone using this model in a high-humidity area will find their dehydrating time double and the noise factor may make it extremely inconvenient to use over long periods of time.