TSM Harvest Stx Food Dehydrator
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Mid-range Dehydrator for Casual Use

The TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator is a moderately priced dehydrator that will perform admirably for casual users but lacks the drying power of more expensive models. This model comes with a 600 watt motor and fits 10 trays. No additional trays can be added to its unique interlocking design. It has one of the widest temperature control ranges available in its price range, and users will generally find themselves pleased with its output as long as time is not a large constraint.

No door

One unique feature of the TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator is that it does not have a front door, like most dehydrators. Instead, the trays form an interlocking barrier that seals the unit when you are ready to begin dehydrating. Some users have had trouble with the trays being difficult to open, while others are pleased with the ease with which they can clean the unit due to its design.

600 watt motor

This model comes with a 600 watt motor, which is about average for its price range.

Does not include timer

The TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator, like many comparable models, does not come with a built-in timer. You will have to make sure to keep track of the dehydrating process and how long food has been in the device. One option is to hook it up to an external timer that will shut the device off after a certain amount of time.


Fits 10 trays

The TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator fits 10 trays at a time, making a total of 10 square feet of space, putting it ahead of the pack for its price range. Mesh trays for fine foods like herbs, spices, and flowers do not come standard with this model. Unlike other dehydrators that can fit a similar amount of trays, the TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator is also extremely compact. It is roughly the size of a typical microwave, making it an ideal size for smaller kitchens or spaces. For consumers who want to dehydrate the most food at one time, this model might be the right fit.

Wide temperature range

The TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator has one of the widest temperature control ranges on the market. You can set it for anywhere between 84 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to accommodate any sort of food, including jerky.


Long dehydrating time

Some users have complained that the TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator takes at least twice as long as other dehydrators in its price range to fully dehydrate food. For example, zucchini will take about five hours to fully dry in a high-powered dehydrators, but may take as much as 10 hours in this model. Some of this may be due to user error in not sealing the multi-locking trays correctly, thus allowing air and heat to escape through leaks. Longer drying times will not be an issue for anyone planning to use this unit only occasionally, or who are not worried about time when they are dehydrating goods, but consumers needing to dehydrate large quantities as quickly as possible may find themselves disappointed in this unit’s drying time.

Uneven drying

Despite having a front-to-back air flow, which usually indicates that air is being evenly distributed across the trays, the TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator does not perform up to par with comparable models in terms of evenly drying food. You will need to rotate the trays several times during the process.

Overall Review

The TSM Harvest Stx Dehydrator is one of the most spacious models available today, and its size makes it an attractive option for small spaces. The longer drying time and uneven drying patterns are certainly things to consider, and consumers who are very serious about dehydrating will want to look for a product with shorter drying times. However, the average user who wants to only use this model occasionally should not have too many problems reconciling these factors with the model’s many benefits.