FP1600B 8-Cup
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A Powerful Food Processor

Brought to you by Black & Decker, the FP1600B food processor is a machine that does exactly what it is supposed to do and more. This unit perfectly slices, minces, mixes, chops and shreds using either the stainless steel chopping blade or the shredder and slice disc. It is an easy to use machine that is easy to clean as the detachable pieces are all dishwasher safe. It processes up to 8 cups per batch and features a safety interlock system to make sure that it doesn’t start until the lid is closed tightly.

The Good

This food processor features a 450 Watt motor that is strong enough to handle a variety of uses. It can be used to make pizza and bread dough as well as cookie dough. It easily grinds meats and chops vegetables. The unit’s detachable pieces are all dishwasher safe and so cleaning it is easy. It doesn’t come with a specific dough blade but it still works to make it. It works perfectly to make soups, salsas, guacamole and hummus as well as many other creamy food items. The FP1600B food processor works great to make smoothies as well.

The Bad

It is loud. Some users say that although it works well, sometimes they need to wear ear plugs or cover with their hands if the machine will be used for more than a few seconds. It could be an exaggeration but the fact that it is known to be loud still remains. Another issue is that the slicer does slices a little too thin which might not work for some items. The assembly instructions are reported to be slightly poorly written so it may take a few tries to figure out exactly how to put the machine all together. Another issue is that the parts can’t all be stored together inside the machine and therefore the attachments must all be store separately.

Simple Black Look

This food processor comes in a neat black color and shape that can match most kitchen styles and décor. It is a pretty looking appliance that can be kept either on the counter or stored. It isn’t very big, so it can work great in small kitchens making it very useful in apartments or college dorms.

Overall Verdict

This food processor does what it is intended to do effortlessly and fast. The 450 Watt motor is strong enough to handle most heavy duty jobs such as dough making. It works well to prepare chutneys and other pastes such as humus. It is perfect to make soups, salsas and smoothies. This unit is a great size that works well with any size kitchen be it small or larger kitchens for efficient counter space usage. All the parts are removable and easy to clean with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher as they as dishwasher safe. The downside is that it is a fairly loud appliance that might require some getting used to as well as assembling but once that happens then it is a machine that does it job well.