Braun K650 Food Processor
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A Powerful Food Processor

The BRAUN K650 Multiquick food processor is a powerful machine that operates with little noise. It features 14 different speeds plus a soft pulse that allows the user to confidently select the speed necessary for maximum results. This unit features a dual safely lock to make sure the bowls can’t be opened when the appliance is running. The bowls are sealed to prevent and minimize leakage or unwanted overflowing. This unit has a capacity of up to nine cups. Included are a universal chopping blade that blends, mixes and purees. It comes with a hook for dough that can knead up to 3lbs of dough easily. A cream attachment is included for perfect whipping product. The K650 food processor features a slicing system that includes a coarse grater, cheese graters, fine shredder and fine slicing for a variety of dishes. It also comes with a citrus juicer and press.

The Good

This is a very versatile, powerful machine that can help prepare a variety of meals. It is not very heavy so it is easy to lift and store. All the attachments and bowls are dishwasher safe, so cleaning this model is a breeze. The 14 speeds that are featured in this model let the user adjust and customize the speed for the perfect desired result. Despite its features, this unit is easy to assemble and straightforward to use. It is a solid, sturdy unit, easy to operate. The mixer/cream attachment works great for mixing eggs and whipping cream. This unit also works very quietly.

The Bad

The K650 food processor is a bit larger so it mostly works on medium to large kitchens. Some users complain that the blade doesn’t reach closer to the wall of the bowl, leaving some ingredients along outer area of the bowl untouched. It also may have some issues blending all ingredients together and it tends to process the wet ingredients at the bottom and center of the bowl. Keep in mind these may happen because of all the different speeds so getting to know the food processor and reading the manuals carefully are recommended to prevent this from happening.

Great on Medium or Large Kitchens

This food processor is simple and straightforward. It works great on medium to larger kitchens. The appliance is white with blue knobs for a clean look. It will match most kitchen décor and styles. It isn’t the most beautiful or modern-looking appliance as it is somewhat plain but it does its job with ease.

Overall Verdict

The K650 food processor is a great, powerful machine that is easy to use to shred, stir, cut, slice and even works great to knead dough. All of the attachments are easily removable and dishwasher safe to make the cleanup process effortless. It is somewhat large so it might crowd a small kitchen’s counter space but it would work perfectly on medium to larger kitchens. Reading the instructions and experimenting with all the speeds can come in handy to prevent later issues with the food not processing correctly. Getting to know your unit is important to achieve optimal results.