Sous Chef Food Food Processor
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A Powerhouse

There are great food processors and then there are brilliant food processors. The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef food processor is a machine made for all the nuances of food preparation. Breville acknowledges that food comes in all shapes, textures and sizes and for optimal results, a food processor should be adaptable and versatile. The Sous Chef has a great design with a wide feed chute that makes it possible for vegetables of all types to be sliced perfectly and the discs and blade included are all designed to make the process easy but with the best results and as little pre-cutting as possible. The Sous Chef was made with the belief that food preparation should be made easier with this machine, not harder. This food processors features eight different discs and blades all nestled together in an accessory storage. Included are a small food pusher that doubles as a measuring cup, a large food pusher, a feed chute safety system that ensures that the food processor doesn’t start unless all the pieces – bowl, lid and large food pusher – are in place and locked in.

The Good

The slicing disc is extremely versatile as it can be set to up to 24 different settings to be able to customize how thick you want the slices to be from .03mm al The set also includes other useful discs such as the julienne disc, a whisking disc, a French fry disc, etc. It also comes with a kneading dough blade and a mini bowl with its very own little mini blade. The larger bowl holds up to 16 cups of solid food and up to 12 cups of liquid. The mini bowl holds up to 2.5 cups, making it very convenient for every day cooking or for bigger batches. When processing liquids, the silicone seal conveniently reduces or stops the chance of leakage and the rubber feet are included for added stability. Everything is all BPA free.

The Bad

Making dough in this processor can require some trick so getting to know the appliance well is a requirement for this function. It is also very heavy so getting it in and out of store can prove tedious and tiring.

Elegant, Sleek Look

This food processor is a sleek and beautiful appliance. It is back and will look great in any kitchen style. The digital display adds to its already contemporary look. It definitely looks impressive and professional. The “toolbox” also makes it easy to store all the parts so that the processor can display nicely on the counter without having every piece there, taking up counter space. It has a tasteful, expensive, attention grabber look.

Overall Verdict

The Sous Chef food processor boasts an impressive 1200 Watt motor that is powerful for pretty much anything. All the parts are dishwasher safe so cleanup is simple and easy. It can also be easily washed with warm, soapy water for more delicate care. It is a beautiful unit that can definitely get a lot of attention. It is a top performer for the more serious cooks.