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Powerful Processor

The DLC-2007N easily processes up to seven cups of a variety of foods such as dough, salsas, soups, guacamole, hummus and more. The food processor features an extra-large feed tube for vegetables and whole fruits, a smaller feed tube, two discs: slicing and shredding as well as a blade made especially for dough. It is a perfect size for a family. The bowl is strong, shatterproof and it works for any temperature food items. A spatula, recipe booklet and a How-to DVD are included. Extra blades and discs may be purchased too.

The Good

The DVD allows you to familiarize yourself with the appliance and it contains tips and techniques for maximum results. It also show how to prepare some of the recipes that come with the booklet included. It is a compact food processor that looks great in any kitchen. The 600 Watt motor is strong enough for pizza dough making and different nut butter. It is easy to clean as all the parts are detachable and dishwasher safe on the top rack. The outer part is also easy to clean and wipes effortlessly. It is easy to add liquids or other ingredients during processing by removing the inner pusher piece to give access to the small feed tube. This unit works great for shredding cheeses and potatoes. The fact that is only has two speeds adds to the user-friendly experience.

The Bad

The DLC-2007N comes with a lockdown mechanism that stops if the large pusher is removed to add more ingredients so it can be very tedious to add extra things every time. Because of this, if the latch top doesn’t closed correctly, the unit will not turn on. It is important to treat the lid with care, as it isn’t too thick and may break if not careful.

Clean and Elegant Look

The simple, elegant look is a great match for any kitchen styles and décor and the clean white color will not clash against any other appliance. It is a great size for apartments and small kitchens or for people who just want some extra counter space or that won’t want to add clutter to their kitchen.

Overall Verdict

This is a nice, sturdy unit with rubbery feet that minimize any unwanted moving of the appliance and also keeps it from scratching surfaces. With all removable parts, it is easy to clean and put together again. It is not a very loud appliance and it works very well to make baby foods. It is great for tougher food items like nut butters and dough but it also handles chopping vegetables, garlic and other herbs and soups with ease. It is a sturdy appliance with rubber feet to minimize moving during use or scratching of surfaces. It is a perfect size for a family and doesn’t take too much space so it works great on larger kitchens as well as smaller apartment kitchens or dorms. It is important to treat it with care to prevent any parts to break but all in all it does what it is supposed to with ease.