DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus
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A Mini Processor for Everything

The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini is a great little appliance that processes up to three cups at a time. It is great for a single person, a couple or small families. The 250 watt motor works great with the food processor in helping reduce meal preparation times by pureeing, grinding, chopping, blending end emulsifying foods like mayo or aioli. The blade features an auto-reversing blade to better chop herbs or fine ingredients and for blending or pureeing soft foods with the super sharp end. The blunt edge is great for cutting and grinding spices and hard foods. With the DLC-2ABC you have different functions: Chop, for chopping, mixing and pureeing. Grind, for grinding spices and other hard foods like peppercorns or chocolate. You can mix and match these two functions with either the Continuous-hold action or Pulse for maximum precision during the chopping or grinding process. A spatula, manual and recipe book are included.

The Good

The powerful 250 Watt motor is perfect to accomplish its task with easy. The food processor works great chopping onions, garlic, shredding cheese, making mayo and flavored butters as well and many other things. It is also easy to make mayo, salad dressings or frozen yogurt using one of the openings to add flavors and liquids. This is a very easy to clean food processor. The bowl, cover, blade and spatulas are dishwasher safe on the top rack and they can also clean easily in warm soapy water.

The Bad

Since the DLC-2ABC is a smaller sized appliance, some extra preparation must be done before using such as cutting larger food items into smaller pieces so that the unit can process evenly. The food sometimes gets stuck to the sides when it is processing and the user must stop and scrape the food back into the middle to keep working on it. Heavier and harder items may be harder to process with this unit.

Brushed Chrome Look

It is small and takes little counter space making it perfect for small kitchens. The Mini-Prep also stores neatly in crowded cabinets. It features a hidden cord storage to help keep the cord off the countertop. This storage is underneath the unit. It is a pretty, simple unit that will not clash with other appliances and it can match most kitchen styles and color palettes. The brushed chrome look looks timeless and easy to clean.

Overall Verdict

The DLC-2ABC is a small, simple and pretty unit that can work efficiently and quickly with its Chop and Grind function that work together to bring fast and easy meals to the table. Some preparation ahead of time is required, such as chopping vegetables, fruits and other items into smaller pieces to make sure the food processor gets maximum results. The three cup capacity is perfect for a single person, a couple or small family. Its small size and weight are perfect for small kitchens or for easy storage and the hidden cord compartment helps keep counters free of clutter by reducing the sight of messy cables everywhere.