Hamilton Beach 70670
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Powerful Food Processor

The Hamilton Beach 70670 Food processor holds up to 10 cups of food. Its 525 Watt motor is strong and it can easily slice, shred, cut, crinkle and fine shred with the included discs. The chopping blade is stainless steel. This unit features an oversized feed chute so that there’s no need to chop fruits and vegetables much before going into the processor. It can easily make soups, salsas, chop nuts and much more.

The Good

The bowl and blades are all dishwasher safe, proving easy and quick cleanup. It comes with an internal cord storage to avoid cables all over the counter. It is a powerful processor for its range. Unlike other processors, the bowl in this unit is designed to hold more liquid, making it very versatile. The blades reversible and easy to put on and remove for cleaning purposes. It also works for making pie dough since that tends to be a little bit lighter. The blade is very sharp, so it can puree easily.

The Bad

Even though it is a powerful machine, careful use, cleaning and storing is recommended or the motor can lose its power and stop working. Because of this, it is not recommended to use for kneading dough or crushing ice. Most users recommend this unit be used for lighter, more basic work. The appliance itself is made of plastic and it is very light which may make it jump a little when processing tougher jobs. It is also quite a noisy machine, but efficient.

Small Footprint With a Simple Finish

This food processor is an appliance with a small footprint that can work well in any size kitchen. It has a very basic look that shouldn’t clash against any other appliance. It is a simple style that can be kept on a counter or put away for safe storage easily if necessary.

Overall Verdict

It may not be or look very high end, but compared to other processors of similar range and quality, this food processor is a good value. It is small but very efficient and works well. It is easy to put together and clean and the fact that it is small and light can prove very helpful especially for those with smaller kitchens or limited counter space and it can be picked up and down effortlessly for easy storing. The little suction cups that are located underneath it let the unit stay in place while it is being used so that it doesn’t get knocked over easily. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe in the top rack but it is also very easy to manually clean using warm soapy water. The oversized feed chute is very helpful in reducing food preparation times cutting vegetables and whole fruits so that they don’t need to be chopped by hand ahead of time. It can hold up to 10 cups so it can work perfectly for a medium family.