8-Cup Food Processor
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Mix, Slice and Puree Easily

The Hamilton Beach 70740 food process is a robust machine that can quickly and easily chop, shred, mix, slice and puree . The removable parts are all dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning and the blades can be stored in the bowl to save on storage space. It is a powerful appliance that makes cooking a lot easier and faster by reducing food preparation times. It works great to make soups, salsas and other purees but also items like veggie chips. It shreds cheese easily. The rubber feet also help so that the unit doesn’t slide around when it is being used.

Powerful and Effective

This is a very effective appliance. It is fast and powerful enough to make nut milks, yogurts, hummus and other pastes. The slicing blade makes it easy to chop fruits and veggies to dip or to put in salads and other dishes. It can make hash browns effortlessly. Most of the parts are dishwasher safe but they can also be easily cleaned by hand with warm or hot water or using a soft sponge. The blade is very sharp so it can do the job in a timely manner. Some users recommend this food processor to blend beans and chick peas for vegan cakes and also to make oat, cashew and almost flours and milks.

The Bad

To prevent any liquid from being spilled it is important not to over fil the bowl. It is so powerful that if the food blends too long it can be pulverized or liquefied free of textures. It is also somewhat noisy and it may take a little used to. The manual recommends that to shred cheese it is much easier to do so when the cheese has been frozen. Unlike other food processors, it is also not a good idea to crush ice in this machine.

Black and Silver With A Small Footprint

The Hamilton Beach 70740 is a simple, black and silver food processor that has a relatively small footprint. Because of the color, it can seamlessly match any kitchen styles and it fits great in small kitchen spaces. For people who have a limited counter or storage space, this unit can be a great match as it is small and the blades fit nicely inside the bowl.

Overall Verdict

This food processor is everything it is supposed to do easily. Assembling the unit is simple and straightforward as well as the cleaning process that can be done in either the dishwasher or by hand effortlessly. It is an effective, strong appliance that can be used to make creams and soups as well as pie dough and nut butters. Since it can hold up to 8 cups of food it is ideal to make large batches for either a family or when having company. The blades store easily inside the bowl so it can be kept on a counter or put away to make space.