Garbage Disposal Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Garbage Disposal Features To Look For


In order to grind up tough foods, a garbage disposal needs a powerful motor. They are measured in RPMS (revolutions per minute) and horsepower. A good motor will have between 2600-2800 RPMs, and ¾-1.0 horsepower. Extremely powerful motors can have as many as 3600 RPMs. On the lower end of the spectrum, motors start at ½-HP, which is still strong enough to grind up most food. There are also different types of motors, like permanent magnet motors and induction motors. With permanent magnet motors, the magnet is embedded in the rotor, which is the part of the electric motor that moves and generates torque. Permanent magnet motors are known for their durability. An induction motor works when the electric current in the rotor (this current creates torque) is generated by the magnetics from the stator. Permanent magnet motors are similar to induction motors, though permanent magnet motors are more consistent.

Grinding system

The grinding system of a garbage disposal is what is responsible for breaking down all the food. It should be built to last and have good torque to handle tough foods like fruit cores, little bones, and pits. A good material to look for is glass-filled nylon, since it isn’t subject to corrosion. Stainless or galvanized steel parts are also good. Many garbage disposals are equipped with special grinding technology, like the MultiGrind, which consists of three grind stages. These include a GrindShear Ring and Undercutter Disk that turn food to mush so it slides into the sewer system. Grinding systems also typically include a splash guard, so cleaning up after a grind is easy.

Feed capacity

Garbage disposals are not all the same size; they have different feed systems and feed capacities. To use a batch-feed model, you pack trash into the chamber and then use the stopper to get the blades grinding. You would use this feed system if you don’t have a wall switch for your disposal. The most popular feed system is the continuous-feed, which means you operate the disposal by turning on cold water, turning the disposal on, and pushing in food. A good-sized chamber will hold about 40-ounces of food waste, while smaller ones can be less than 30-ounces.

Mount system

Setting up a garbage disposal is easier than it’s ever been with more compact and fast-install designs. Snap and Lock mounts (an InSinkErator innovation) are especially convenient because they can replace almost all disposals, even ones that aren’t InSinkErators. You just twist off your old disposal and twist on the new one. All the parts are included. All disposals are sized for standard septic tanks, and usually include the necessary power cord.

Low noise level

Garbage disposals usually have some kind of technology that makes the disposal fairly quiet. Materials like insulated stainless steel reduce noise, as do features like anti-vibration sink mounts and anti-vibration tailpipes. Silencer Technology (a Waste King feature) uses the same material that music studios do when they soundproof the room. With such low noise level, it’s easy to have a conversation in the kitchen while running the garbage disposal, and you won’t scare sensitive pets or infants.

Best Garbage Disposal Brands

Waste King

Waste King is one of the garbage disposal brands that the Anaheim Manufacturing Company owns. The Anaheim Manufacturing Company was founded in 1955 and is based in California, where they produce food waste disposers that have positioned them as one of the two largest garbage disposal manufacturers in the world. AMC has brought many innovative designs to the market, including high-speed permanent magnet motors.


The InSinkErator brand has been around for over 75 years. In 1927, architect John W. Hammes created and patented the world’s first food disposer. During WWII, the company branched out and manufactured parts for the war effort in addition to selling their disposals. They came up with the idea to sell directly to plumbers, which gave the brand credibility. Celebrity endorsements didn’t hurt either. Since those first decades, InSinkErator sells dishwashers and hot-water systems as well as disposals. InSinkErator disposals are famous for their powerful grinders and quiet operation, and are the only food waste disposers that are manufactured in the US. Some of their innovations include the Snap and Lock mounting system and anti-vibration technology.

General Electric Appliances

GE is one of the largest global brands, and under their Appliances branch, they’ve been making dishwashers, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, and other necessities for the home for over a century. GE has always been on the front lines for new technologies, so all their products (including garbage disposals) represent the newest and best innovations available. GE products both continuous-feed models and batch-feed models as well as disposals with an E-Z Mount system, extremely high torque, and Drain Boost tech for smoother, faster grinding.

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