12 HP Economy CD-5100 12
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Best buy in the Economy range of Disposer

The Commodore CD-510 is a product aimed at the economy end of the market where affordability is a major buying criterion. Its direct competitors are the Whirlaway 911 and the General Electric GFC520V, which is both pitched in the same market niche for affordable efficient waste disposal units. What drives this end of the market may be price point but users are no less discerning about other criteria such as ease of installation, performance and convenience.

Ease of Installation

The Commodore CD-510 is surprisingly easy to install, as it uses the same EZ mount system that is also used by Waste King and the Whirlaway 911. In fact, the Commodore and Whirlaway both seem to be able to use Waste King Accessories such as the rubber removable splashguards and sink stoppers. One common problem though is when connecting the hopper to the upper unit try and make sure you don’t push the rubber cushion up too high or you won’t be able to get them to connect. Apart from that little issue, the installation went by the book with no other issues.


The Commodore once installed is surprisingly quiet and very effective. It can chop up carrots and vegetable waste without a problem, even apple cores and banana skins got devoured and grinded to a pulp in seconds. The main surprise was how quiet the unit was despite its price range, it is far quieter than disposers twice or three times its price. The Commodore certainly was good value for money and comfortably matched its closest rivals though with a ½ horsepower engine compared to the Whirlaway’s 1/3 horsepower that was maybe to be expected.


The Commodore is very quiet during operation this is due apparently to its balanced components, the armature, turntable and impellors combining with the fast motor to deliver a vibration free grinding experience. The Commodore is also certainly very convenient to install. However, it has another neat trick it contains Bio-Shield. This is an anti-microbial agent that is incorporated into the plastic of every component in the food waste process that will encounter waste. The idea behind this is that the anti-microbial agent will protect against bacteria growing in to grind chamber or in the throat of the device and causing bad odors.


Affordable and Efficient

The Commodore is very efficient at disposing of waste especially when you consider the end of the market in which it is pitched. It is very cost effective and its quiet, efficient operation is flawless.

nice features

The Bio-Shield is a nice feature for keeping down any odors from developing in the grind chamber from mashed up trapped food waste.


Slow to drain

The only issue is that if the sink is full of water it drains very slowly whether it is switched on or off.

Overall Review

The Commodore CD-510 is at the economy end of the market for waste disposal units but it doesn’t disappoint as it ticks the requirements of so many people in that it is easy to install and very quiet and efficient.