InSinkErator Badger 5
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The Badger 5

The Badger 5 is one of InSinkErator’s most popular and well-known waste disposer products. A disposer product is most often recommended by plumbing professionals who have rated it very highly for its affordability and value for money. Compared to the Evolution line where prices are at a premium the Badger is aimed at those that put affordability as the prime criteria.

Easy Installation

Just like all InSinkErator products, the Badger 5 is installed using the quick and easy standard stainless steel Quick Lock sink mounts. If replacing another InSinkErator disposer it is simply a case of twisting off the old one and twisting back on the new appliance.

Connecting a Dishwasher

The Badger 5 can be connected to a dishwasher by connecting the hose through a recessed port up at the throat of the badger 5. The hose from the dishwasher connects to the Badger 5 just above the single grind chamber. However, the port needs to be cleared by simply pushing inwards with a screwdriver. The dishwasher’s existing outlet pipe can then be directly connected and clamped in place.

InSinkErator Grind Technology

The Badger 5 differs from the Evolution family of disposers by having only a single stage grind process whereby the Excel, Compact and Septic Assist had three-stage and multi chamber grind processes. The Badger though only uses the single GrindShear ring to grind foods down to a liquidized pulp for delivery into the sewage system.


Easy installation

The Badger is easy to install as it uses the InSinkErator Quick Lock stainless steel mount system, which ensures quick installation.


Noisy and lacking in performance

The Badger is sadly noisy and lacking in refinement compared to its more expensive cousins in the Evolution series. With regards the performance it seems that the Badger’s system of impellors is not very good at handling small items. The impellor blades just push the smaller items to the side where they are trapped out of the way of the blades. It is then a job to free then and clean the unit.

Leaks a lot

There are many reports of Badgers developing leaks through cracks in the housing around the base this appears to be a very common failing even in units that are very lightly used. Perhaps that’s why plumbers are so keen to recommend them.

Overall Review

The Badger 5 is a good affordable disposer that performs admirably for the price. However, it cannot compare with Evolution or Waste King’s far more comprehensive and expensive products and neither should it be expected too. Unfortunately, there are issues with the build quality as many owners report leaks from cracks in the housing at the base.