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A 1.0 HP unit with industrial performance

The A1SPC is not one of Waste King’s Legend series of waste disposal units. It is a departure way from that design model. Instead the A1SPC is a high-end unit that claims one pass technology and sports full armor plating along with industrial proof noise insulation. It is driven by a 1.0 horsepower magnetic motor that operates at 2,700 rpm. This is sufficient power to pulverize any foodstuff in one single pass.

EZ mount technology

The A1SPC does not use the same EZ mount technology favored by its cousins the Legend series. Instead the A1SPC has its own new Snap and Mount system that ensures quick and easy installation and replacement of most existing disposers mount hardware. This takes a lot of the hard work out of the installation process making it a clean and easy process.

Grinding the waste

With smaller less powerful models such as the ½ horsepower L-2600 you have to be careful that the unit doesn’t jam during continuous feed. This is definitely not a problem with the A1SPC 1 horsepower one-pass unit. There is no problem with continuous-feeding as the unit devours and pulverizes even the toughest food waste. The unit will handle apple cores, coffee beans, vegetable stalks and small bones all with no problems. If needs be the unit may also be connected to a dishwater’s outlet for convenience and to use the same outflow plumbing and pipes.

Exclusive Silencer Technology

As with all members of the Waste King family the grinding chamber and insulation body construction consists of a stainless steel grinding chamber that has been insulated by glass-filled nylon. The A1SPC however now has a new material for insulation that is the same as used in soundproofing hi-tech music recording studios hence ensuring the quietest of operations even under heavy load.


Quiet and Efficient

New technology ensures it is very quiet compared to the competition and the powerful one horsepower motor is powerful enough to deal with even the toughest waste with ease.

Easy installation

A new Snap and Lock mounting system make the A1SPC compatible with many other disposer-mounting systems without the need for adaptors.


it comes fitted with a plug

The A1SPC like the rest of the Waste King family of products comes fitted with a power cord and molded plug. This is a bit problematic as there is rarely a power socket available so it is extra work removing and replacing the power plug.

is it big

At 15 inches deep this is a big unit and is even bigger than the Legend series of disposers. So check you have sufficient clearance before ordering.

Overall Review

The A1SPC is a move away from the Legend family of disposers and may just be a limited edition solely for Amazon. Whatever it is a really powerful and quiet disposer that can deal with any amount of household food waste with ease.