Whirlaway 191
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Whirlaway 191

The Whirlaway 191 is a very cost affective and affordable waste disposal unit. It has a 0.33 horsepower motor which is smaller than others in its class, but that doesn’t appear to affect its ability to match higher-powered units in rough chopping and grinding stakes. However as the 911 is aimed at those who place affordability as the main criterion it relative lack of heavy-duty ability should not be such a concern.

Quick Installation

The Whirlaway 911 uses an EZ mount method of installation that can be done easily in thirty minutes with near zero technical ability if you follow the online videos. Saying that though most new installations of the 911 are from people actually replacing an old failed 911 so it is a like for like process, which of course will make things so much easier, especially if all the brackets and mounts are the same. One thing to watch out for is there is no power cord that comes with the unit so you have to order separately or if replacing a faulty unit, then cannibalize the power cord of that.


Easy installation

The Whirlaway 911 mount system ensures quick installation if you follow the instructions.


Noisy and lacking in performance

The Whiraway 911 is a bit noisy and lacking in refinement compared to its more expensive competitors. This is hardly surprising given the price variations between them but the 911 can be noisy in sometimes low-load situations, which may be down to poor installation. This can come about if there is a poor connection between the appliance and a metal sink causing resonance and vibration.

Not intuitive to install

If you don’t read the instructions and study, the diagrams until you are sure what you are trying to accomplish then installation can become an onerous task. Many people fail at the installation process simply because they try to install the unit without first reading the instructions. A secondary reason for failure is not realizing when purchasing that the power cord must be purchased separately.

Overall Verdict

The Whirlaway 911 is a very good and reliable unit that is small and compact as well as extremely good value. It affordability is obviously its main selling point but that advantage can be easily lost if you need to call in a plumber to install it because you failed to read the instructions. Having said that most installations go very easily and only a few report problem. After installation the 911 proves to be a robust and reliable unit, though at this price point you might wish you had bought a more powerful unit for a few dollars more.