Mini Cultivator Cultivator
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Maneuverable cultivator with a 2-cycle engine, adjustable tilling width and depth, and on-board wheels is ready for all kinds of gardens

The Earthquake MC43 Mini cultivator is a 2-cycle engine, lightweight garden tool that maneuvers very well through all sorts of gardens, big and small, whether you’re mixing soil or wedding. It has an adjustable tilling width and depth which play a big part in its flexibility, and wheels for convenient travel and storage.

43cc engine

A big reason for the Earthquake’s effectiveness is its engine. It’s a 43cc Viper 2-Cycle engine, which means it uses both oil and gas at the same time. Its tines have a 250-rpm speed, so the cultivator is able to loosen hard soil, mix fertilizer and soil, and tear through weeds.

6 or 10-inch tilling width

With a choice between a 6 or 10-inch tilling width, you have a lot of flexibility about how big of a garden plot you want to prepare. If you already have plants in the ground, you can narrow the width so you don’t accidentally cut through any of them. You also have the power to aerate soil and get rid of weeds all at once.

On-board wheels

The wheels on the Earthquake MC43 serve two purpose: easier transport and cutting depth control. By adjusting the on-board wheels, you can change up the tines’ cutting depth or set them up for smooth rolling.


Adjustable cutting depth

Many cultivators or tiller/cultivator combos don’t have adjustable cutting depths. With the Earthquake, you do, so you have more options about the kinds of plants you put in the ground. Using the wheels and drag stake, you can adjust the cutting depth to make shallow, deep, or medium-depth beds.

Easy to maneuver

Working out in a garden can be hot and hard work. The Earthquake MC43 cultivator is designed to be as lightweight as possible so you don’t work yourself to death using it. It’s also ideal for moving in smaller gardens since you get more control over the cultivator.

Comes ready with its own oil

One of the neat features on this cultivator is that it comes with its own oil. You get a 2.6 ounce bottle of 2-cycle engine oil that also has fuel stabilizer in it, so after getting gas, you are ready to use the cultivator right away.


2-cycle engine is loud and not environmentally-friendly

2-cycles engines are both loud and expel a lot of exhaust. The oil and gas burn off at the same time, creating unpleasant emissions. It also generates a lot of noise, so you should wear ear protection and work during hours where people are awake or at work so you don’t bother the whole neighborhood.

Overall Review

Overall, the Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator is a convenient, maneuverable cultivator that does its job well. Though it does emit a lot of exhaust and is loud, the engine is powerful and is able to perform a lot of gardening tasks at once, like soil aeration and wedding. You can work in medium-sized or small vegetable beds thanks to the adjustable cutting depth and width.