GreenWorks 27062 G-MAX Cultivator
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Cordless cultivator with a powerful motor, 4 rotating tines, and convenient features

With all the benefits of a clean, zero-emission cultivator without the restraint of a cord, the GreenWorks 27062 Cordless Cultivator is a great garden tool to consider. It runs on a battery so you don’t need to plug it in, and the battery powers 4 rotating tines with adjustable depth and width for more versatile gardening. Some of the convenience features include a comfortable handle and wheels for transport.

G-MAX 40V 2 AH motor

As a battery-operated cultivator, it’s important that the motor is impressive in order to provide the kind of power necessary for effective gardening. It is a G-MAX 40V 2 AH motor with an RPM of 200. It’s designed for thorough digging and gives up to 8,000 strikes per minute so you can dig quickly. Start-up is a two-step process so you don’t accidentally pop a button and turn on the cultivator when you aren’t ready.

Four 8-inch rotating tines

The motor powers the tines. There are four, 8-bladed tines that rotate forward. You can adjust the width between 8.25 to 10-inches for a relatively small plot. For depth, you get up to 5-inches deep. This is much shallower than some other cultivators, which just speaks to the fact this tool was meant for smaller beds.

6-inch transport wheels

To make transporting the cultivator easier, the GreenWorks 27062 comes with 6-inch wheels. You can roll the cultivator back and forth from its storage area to the garden, and around your yard without any trouble.


Comfortable handles

Using a cultivator can make you sore, so having a comfortable handle is crucial. The handles on the GreenWorks cultivator are adjustable so you can work without bending or straining yourself. The handles also fold over for more convenient storage.


In addition to handles, weight is a concern when it comes to comfort. The GreenWorks 27062 is only about thirty pounds, which is relatively lightweight, so you can lift and maneuver the cultivator smoothly as you work in a small garden.

No cords

As a battery-operated tool, you aren’t held back by the length of a cord. And you don’t have to worry about tripping or tangling it, or using extension cords to reach your garden. You just get more freedom and flexibility with a cordless cultivator.


Not great for large, rockier gardens

If you have a bigger garden with rocky soil, this isn’t the best cultivator. It doesn’t have quite enough power or tine-strength to break through ground that’s never been tilled, or is heavy with clay or rocks. It might damage the cultivator or just make gardening a real pain.

Limited battery options

You might think that any battery for a GreenWorks tool might work with this cultivator, but it’s only compatible with G-MAX 40V 29462 and 29472 models. This is important to remember so you aren’t dealing with the inconvenience of getting the wrong battery when having to exchange it.

Overall Review

The GreenWorks 27062 G-MAX Li-Ion cordless cultivator is convenient, clean, and lightweight for more control and better maneuverability. If you have a small garden that you’ve tilled before and it isn’t too full of rocks or other hard bits, this is an excellent cultivator that works well between narrow plant lanes. It has a foldable handle, wheels, and without a cord, a bigger gardening radius.