GreenWorks 27072 10-Inch
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Electric tiller with 8.0-amp motor, 4 rotating tines, and adjustable tilling width and depth

Equipped with a powerful, clean engine, the GreenWorks 27072 10-Inch Corded Tiller is ready for digging, weeding, and other gardening tasks. Its four rotating tines have adjustable width and depth, so you have more options about the size of the garden you work in and what size plots you want to prepare. As an electric machine, the GreenWorks is an environmentally-friendly choice that is also able to work through tough ground.

8-amp motor

With an electric start and no oil, gas, or annoying recoil, the GreenWorks starts right up when you’re ready to start using it. The motor uses 8 amps, which makes it one of the more powerful electric tillers you can get and great for working through tough weeds and hardened soil.

4 rotating tines

That 8-amp motor powers four, 8-inch tines that rotate forward. Many tillers only have two tines, so with four, you can work through more dirt faster. The tines also have adjustable width and depth. You can work within a width of 8.25 to 10-inches, and a depth up to 5-inches deep.

Lift handle

For convenience, the GreenWorks 27072 tiller has a lift handle that folds up, so you can carry it around and then fold it up for storage when you’re done. This helps save on space and makes the tiller portable.


More plot options

With the adjustable tilling width and depth, you have more options about the kinds of plots you prepare and create. You’re able to till smaller, more narrow plots for herbs and other plants that require smaller space, or larger, deeper ones for plants that need room for their roots to spread out.

Can handle tough ground

Thanks to the tines and powerful motor, the GreenWorks 27072 can till hard clay or rocky soil, as well as cut through grass and weeds without getting all tangled up or stalled. You don’t have to have a perfect garden bed to benefit from this tiller; it can work in harsh environments as well as more prime soil.


You don’t want to work with a heavy tiller. You’ll tire quickly and get sore. The GreenWorks only weighs about 32 pounds and with its lift handle, it’s comfortable to use and maneuver through your garden.


Cord can get in the way

One of the downsides to electric tillers is that the cord can get annoying. You have to be careful about tripping or running over it, and to get a lot of gardening radius, you’ll have to use an extension cord. This is just the price you pay for choosing a clean-running electric machine.

Overall Review

The GreenWorks 27072 10-Inch Corded Garden Tiller is great for smaller plots and gardens because of its adjustable width and depth, but it would also probably work for medium-sized gardens since its maximum width is 10 inches. Its able to work through really tough ground with lots of weeds, and is light enough for longer gardening sessions. With all these features, it’s still a reasonably affordable tiller, so you don’t have to be rich to enjoy the beautiful garden this cultivator will contribute to.