Gas-Powered TillerCultivator
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Gas-powered tiller/cultivator with reversible tines, included border-edger, and a compact design

The Mantis 7225-15-02 Tiller/Cultivator is similar in every way to its electric counterpart (the Mantis 7250-15-02), but uses a powerful 2-cycle, gas-powered engine instead. It has reversible tines that get down much deeper than other tiller/cultivators, a border-edger, and a compact design that provides you with better control and longer use. If you are skeptical about using gas power, know that the 7225 is also CARB-compliant.

2-cycle engine

As a 2-cycle engine, the Mantis tiller uses both gas and oil at the same time to fuel its power. It’s a commercial-grade engine and is both reliable and durable. To start, just press the button.

Reversible, serpentine tines

The tines on the Mantis 7225-15-02 are ideal for hard work in smaller plots. They have a 9-inch width and can be adjusted for depths as shallow as 2-3 inches or as deep as 10-inches. They are reversible and spin as fast as 240 RPM.

Border-edger accessory and optional attachments

Even with a compact width of 9 inches, it can be difficult to work on the edge of a plot, especially if there are landscape features in the way. The Mantis comes with an included border-edger for neat, narrow tilling, and you can also add other attachments if you want, like a hedge trimmer.


No cord in the way

One of the benefits of choosing gas power is you don’t have to worry about a cord getting in the way or being limited by the cord length. You have more flexibility and control over where you go with this tiller.

Lightweight and convenient

The Mantis only weighs 20 pounds, so combined with its compact design, it’s perfect for longer sessions in small gardens. You won’t get tired as easily, and when you’re done, the handle bars fold down for storage.


The California Air Resources Board sets up standards for lower emissions that machines must meet in order to be labeled as CARB-compliant. The Mantis 7225-15-02 2-Cycle is one of those machines, so it can be sold in California and doesn’t contribute as much to global warming or bad air quality.



The 7225 is significantly more expensive than other tiller/cultivator combos out there, which might be a problem if you are on a tight budget or are debating if you really need a tiller or not. The Mantis does offer more features than those cheaper units, and does dig deeper which can be an important difference for certain plants.

Does use gas/oil

There is also an electric version of this tiller which is cleaner and has no emissions, so you might wonder why using the gas-powered version is appealing. It is worth noting that gas/oil engines tend to be more powerful, and without a cord, you have more freedom while you use it. This particular model is also CARB-compliant, so compared to other gas-powered gardening equipment, it is more fuel efficient.

Overall Review

The Mantis 7225-15-02 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Tiller/Cultivator is a powerful gas-powered cultivator that is CARB-compliant and offers more flexibility than its electric-powered counterpart. The reversible, serpentine tines are ideal in a small garden and able to power through rocky or clay-heavy soil. Despite its power, the Mantis is still very lightweight and easy to control, making it a great choice for all gardeners with small plots.