TJ601E Tiller Joe 9-Amp
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Comfortable electric tiller/cultivator handles toughest ground with 9-amp motor, 6 steel tines, and 18-inch cultivating width

At 9 amps, the motor on the electric Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller Joe is one of the most powerful motors on a tiller/cultivator. It also boasts very effective steel tines and a long 18-inch cultivating width. Tilling and mixing up dirt is a fast process with these three forces in place, so even ground with rocks and concrete can be prepped for plants.

9-amp electric motor

As an electric motor, the Tiller Joe’s doesn’t require any gas or oil, and so is more beneficial to the environment and your air quality. It also boasts an easy electric start, so you just plug in the Sun Joe and push the button.

6 angled steel tines

The tines on a tiller/cultivator are what actually come into contact with the dirt. With 6 angled steel tines, the Tiller Joe is more than able to handle rough soil up to 7-inches deep and 18-inches wide. The tool is still able to fit between garden rows even with its long width, so you don’t have to have a huge garden to use this.

6-inch wheels

You don’t have to carry the tiller/cultivator to and from your garage thanks to the 6-inch wheels. Having wheels make the machine easier to maneuver, especially if you’re working on landscaping away from your own home and need to roll it some distance.


Not bothered by rocks/hard clumps

Many tines are not able to handle rocks or other hard clumps. They often get stuck or even damage the tines, but the Sun Joe’s tines are durable and flexible. Pebbles and such just flew out away from the tines as you work.

Comfortable use

Working in a garden for an extended period of time can be rough. The Tiller Joe makes it a bit easier with handles that take the weight off your arms and back, and a lightweight design of 29 pounds. You can work for longer without feeling overly sore or tired.

Fast tilling

With the combination of its powerful motor and width, the Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller Joe makes gardening go faster. You can cover more ground and quickly deal with harsh environmental factors like thick weeds and rocks. Gardening tasks don’t have to take hours and hours, so you can spend more time enjoying your garden than slaving away in it.


Cord can get annoying

As with any electric tiller, the cord can get in the way. You have to be careful not to run it over or trip. This particular model does come with a cord belt clip so you don’t accidentally unplug the unit from its extension cord, so that’s convenient. You also just have to figure out how to work with the cord, which is still less obnoxious than dealing with gas emissions.

Cutting depth a little shallow

The cutting depth on the Sun Joe TJ601E is only 7 inches. Many other tiller/cultivators have at least 8, so you’re losing an inch or so there. However, an inch isn’t that big of a difference, so you probably won’t notice any negative effects.

Overall Review

The Sun Joe TJ601E Tiller Joe Garden Tiller & Cultivator uses a powerful electric motor and 18-inch cutting width to make gardening tasks faster and more effective. The motor and tines allow you to tackle rougher, rockier ground, and ease-of-use features like handles and wheels help make the whole gardening process more comfortable.