TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Garden Tiller
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12-amp tiller/cultivator with 6 steel tines and rear wheels that’s ideal for very tough, rocky ground

The Sun Joe TJ603E is significantly more powerful than other electric tiller/cultivators. It has 12 amps of clean, environmentally-friendly power that control 6 durable steel tines. The combination of the motor and tines allow you to work in very rough ground that’s packed with rocks, tough weeds, and other harsh elements. For easier transport, the Sun Joe is equipped with rear wheels, so you can roll your machine around your garage, sidewalk, and anywhere else to its designated location.

12-amp electric motor

The 12-amp electric motor was made for hardened beds that haven’t been tilled before. Without using gas or oil, you get a motor that’s comparable with high-emission engines in that it can work through solid earth.

6 steel angled tines

The tines on the Sun Joe Tiller are also very impressive. There are six and they are angled for increased effectiveness. They cut 16-inches wide and 8-inches deep for a typical medium-sized garden. The tines rotate at 340 RPM, so they’re great for soil aeration, cutting weeds, and mixing hard dirt.

Rear wheels

The wheels on the Sun Joe TJ603E are located at the rear so you can tip the cultivator up and roll it. They can also be adjusted in three different positions for more flexibility. Good wheels help keep the cultivator stable and portable, so you can easily move your tool back and forth from its storage spot to your landscaping jobs.


Easy transport and storage

In addition to the rear wheels, the Sun Joe electric tiller/cultivator has a handle that folds down for more compact storage. The handle is also handy for transport and helps you maintain control over the cultivator when you move it.

Able to handle rough ground

There really isn’t any kind of ground that the powerful 12-amps and tines can’t handle. Whether your garden area is made of clay, has never been broken before, or is peppered with rocks, the Sun Joe TJ603E has the durability and power necessary to till and cultivate.

No maintenance required

With an electric engine, you don’t have to do any maintenance on the Sun Joe TJ603E. With gas-powered cultivators, you have to monitor gas and oil, and do a fair amount of clean-up, but with the Sun Joe, there is really nothing you have to do. The only time you’ll spend on the Sun Joe is when you’re in your garden.


Cord can get in the way

The electric cord can be annoying, like with all electric cultivators. You have to be careful to not get it tangled, not run it over, and not trip over it. However, this is just a minor headache when you think about all the benefits of electric, like no gas or oil and no emissions.

Overall Review

The Sun Joe TJ603E 16-inch electric tiller and cultivator is one of the more powerful units out there and is best suited if your ground is really hard and rocky. It runs 100% clean, but doesn’t sacrifice on power with its 12-amp motor. Transportation and storage are hassle-free, and the Sun Joe is also reasonably affordable, so you don’t have to empty out your wallet to reap all the benefits of this tiller/cultivator combo.