Troy-Bilt TB154E 6 Cultivator
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Durable electric cultivator ideal for small gardens with 6.5-amp motor, four 8-bladed tines, and versatile functions

If you have a small garden and need to do some cultivating, the well-constructed Troy-Bilt TB154E 6.5 Amp electric garden cultivator is a great choice. It has a good motor and four, 8-bladed tines that are able to dig, tear, turn through your soil. The Troy-Bilt is very versatile, so you’re able to work on a variety of tasks with just the one tool.

6.5-amp electric motor

With 6.5 amps, the Troy-Bilt’s electric motor is both compact and powerful. It isn’t as powerful as some other cultivators, but for its size and intended use, it’s all you need. It also runs clean and doesn’t contribute to global warming or bad air quality. If you want to be a true “green thumb,” electric is the way to go.

Four 8-bladed steel tines

The motor powers the Troy Bilt’s tines. There are four, 8-bladed tines that rotate forward and deep up to 8-inches deep. For the width, you can adjust between 6-9 inches, which is ideal for working between plants. The tines are also three-way, so they dig, tear and turn soil.


You don’t want to have to carry around your cultivator all day. For your convenience, the Troy-Bilt Garden Cultivator has wheels so you can maneuver smoothly around your yard, in your garage, and wherever else you’re using the cultivator.


Durable construction

The Troy-Bilt TB154E is incredibly sturdy. Its gearbox is heavy-duty and the shield is made from steel. This ensures a long life for the cultivator, even with frequent use and the stress put on by rough, rocky ground.

Good for small gardens

In addition to the cutting width and depth, the Troy-Bilt’s lightweight design makes it ideal for use in a small garden. It’s easy to maneuver in small spots and between plants so you don’t accidentally snip off the tops or root anything up that you want to stay in the ground.


There’s a lot you can do with the little Troy-Bilt TB154E. It digs, tears, and turn soils, so you can accomplish tasks like aeration, weeding, mixing, and more. The adjustable width also broadens your options about plot size.


Not good for larger gardens

Because the width only goes to 9 inches, the Troy-Bilt isn’t a great choice if you have a larger garden. The motor is also lacking if you were thinking of using it for bigger landscaping jobs. It was intended for small gardens, so that’s where you should use it.

Bit more expensive

The Troy-Bilt is pricier than other units, some which are a lot more powerful. This was really meant for use in small gardens, and it’s probably more expensive because of how effective it is in those smaller plots and the fact that it’s zero-emission.

Overall Review

The Troy-Bilt TB154E 6.5 Amp electric garden cultivator is an ideal cultivator for small gardens because of its weight, width, and power. It shouldn’t be used in big gardens, unless you’re just planning on using it on one particular area. The cultivator was built for a lot of tasks and is good for weeding, digging, turning, and mixing. It costs a bit more, but it’s still reasonably-priced and is completely emission-free and is able to handle pretty rough ground.