Hair Clipper Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Hair Clipper Features To Look For

Motor power

Hair clippers come in both corded and cordless models. The corded hair clippers come equipped with magnetic, pivot, rotary, or heavy-duty Powerdrive motors. Magnetic motors are common with cheaper hair clippers and work with the aid of a spring and electromagnet, which create the vibration. Pivot motors use two electromagnets and no spring, and are known to be more powerful than magnetic motors even though the blade speed is slower. Rotary motors are the most powerful, and are used in hair clippers intended to cut animal hair. Clippers with rotary motors are typically the most expensive.

Battery power

Battery-powered hair clippers usually use lithium batteries, which provide more runtime on shorter charge times. A really good lithium ion battery can offer up to two hours of cut time, though more offer half of that with a one-hour charge. Cordless hair clippers are very convenient and more versatile without a cord. There are also useful for travel and quick touch-ups without a power source.

Sharp, long-lasting blades

Sharp blades ensures your hair doesn’t snag when you’re using the hair clipper. Self-sharpening blades stay sharp longer than other types of blades, and they do not require a lot of maintenance. A hair clipper equipped with these blades can cut hair 40% faster. Other good quality blades include surgical-grade, high-carbon steel, and high-precision steel. These are hard, sharp blades that are designed to last a long time and can be easily cleaned.

Precise length guides

To get the length you want every time, hair clippers include length guides like guiding attachments or built-in length settings. Guiding attachments like guide combs can give you precise lengths. The number of combs depends on the specific razor, with some offering 8-11 lengths from ¼ of an inch to 1-inch. To use a guide comb, you attach the comb into its designated spot, flat against the head, so the teeth are pointing upward. The benefit of built-in length settings is that you don’t have to mess with separate combs; you just switch to the length you want right on the hair clipper and cut away.

Lightweight, comfortable handling

Hair clippers are very lightweight, with many weighing less than a pound. An extremely lightweight hair clipper can weigh as little as four ounces. Using a hair clipper should be comfortable and easy. Contoured grips handle allow you to move the hair clipper freely. Features like 180-degree rotating heads and rounded blade edges ensure that you reach every spot without irritating your skin.

Versatile accessories

When you get a hair clipper, you usually get a handy assortment of accessories. This might include combs, scissors, clips, cleaning brushes, blade oils, and cases. You have everything you need to maintain your hair clipper’s sharpness and your own unique hair style.

Best Hair Clipper Brands


Wahl Clipper Corporation has the recognition of being the first company to release an electric hair clipper. The inventor was Leo J. Wahl, an engineering student. He created a vibrating medical massager for barbershops and eventually began producing electric hair clippers at a manufacturing plant he took over from his uncle. Wahl also makes beard and mustache trimmers under the Groosman brand, and grooming tools for pets.


The Andis Clipper Corporation was incorporated in 1922 and released an electric clipper. Andis’ whole family worked on the product and sold it door-to-door to barbershops. This first clipper is the model for Andis’ Master Clipper, which is the brand’s most popular clipper model. Since those early days, Andis products are available in 90 countries. In addition to hair clippers, the company makes trimmers, curling irons, flat irons, and other hair products that professionals swear by.

Philips Norelco

In 1948, Philips Norelco (then known as simply Norelco) released an electric shaver and beard trimmer. In 1981, they added the “Philips” before their name. They have led several innovations in grooming technology, like self-sharpening blades and an integrated vacuum system. Their hair clippers come in lithium-powered, cordless models and Dualcut technology, which results in faster cuts.


Oster started out as hair clipper company way back in the 1920’s. John Oster led the brand, and branched the company out into all kinds of home appliances like drink mixers and blenders. The company is currently divided into different specialities, with Oster Professional handling the grooming side of business. Their products include trimmers, clippers, shears, and all sorts of accessories like guide combs, blades, and cleaning products.

Features of Professional & Commercial Hair Clippers

Full body grooming

Many hair clippers are extremely versatile, and a few are even so versatile that you can use them all over your body. These hair clippers come with attachments like trimmers so you can precisely groom sensitive, tricky areas like your neck, chest, and so on. You don’t have to buy a separate trimmer or other hair tool, so you save money and have the convenience of using just one clipper for every grooming task.

Dry cutting

There are some hair clippers that are safe to use on dry skin. This is very convenient and lets you make fast touch-ups without worrying about irritating or nicking your skin. Another reason these clippers stand out is because many clippers work better on wet hair because the hair sticks together, but with clippers that work on dry hair, they are designed to be more effective and not miss any spots.

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