Andis Master Hair
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Indestructible outliner and fader

The Andis professional hair clipper has an unbreakable aluminum lightweight casing that is easily capable of withstanding every day wear and tear. However, despite this robust build it is elegant and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into either hand, though some have complained about the weight when trying to cut their own hair. The Andis is designed for use as an all round trimmer for outlining and fading. It is suitable for both consumer and professional alike though its unbreakable rugged casing would hint its aiming more at the everyday heavy use in a barbershop rather than the occasional home use.


The Andis doesn’t come with any accessories as its blades are fully integrated and adjustable for fine or rough hair. There are guards available but you must purchase and order those separately, though you have to check which ones are compatible with which model for although they all look very similar some reports are that they don’t always fit.


As with the other Andis the T-Outliner trimmer the cutter is powered by a very fast high speed magnetic motor that generates considerable heat if left running for prolonged periods. This is why you are advised to work in short burst allowing the cutting blades to cool between sessions. This is something that was present in the Andis T-outliner and it is something Andis must be happy to live with because there is no movement away from using magnetic motors. However if you take their advice and work in short bursts it is a remarkable tool for outlining and fading as well as for dry cutting any type of hair. The close teeth are adjustable to suit fine or thick curly hair and the blades sharpness along with the high powered motors means there is no snagging, pulling or uneven cutting.


Just like its brother, the Andis T-outliner, it requires little maintenance other than to ensure that the blades ate kept lubricated and well oiled. This is imperative as it runs very hot and generates considerable amount of friction. Adjustments need to be made periodically to adjust the blades positions but that is through loosening the mounting screws and adjusting to suit. It is actually very intuitive and simple way to do it.


Great Outliner and Trimmer

These are professional quality tools for those who can clipper over comb and freehand fade.

Great for Beards

These are the professional’s choice for free handing beards, flat-tops, fades and designs.


Runs very hot

The Andis range of trimmers and cutters only run very hot after sustained and prolonged use. In a professionals hands they don’t as they don’t take thirty minutes plus to do a haircut. If you are going to use them for prolonged periods of time stop occasionally and let them cool down.


This is another of the professional products from Andis that are so popular with barbers. It appears many of the issues such as the weight and it running hot are not concerns for barbers as they don’t experience those issues. What isn’t in dispute is that these are powerful professional quality tools that are the best in the business for the purpose they were designed for.