Andis T-Outliner Trimmer With T-Blade
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The professional’s choice of trimmer

Andis is a professional use trimmer but at an affordable price it can be used for detail, fading and trimming. It is especially suited due to it close fitting blades for trimming necks, around ears, beards and moustaches. This is the type of trimmer most often found in barbershops due to its flexibility and reliability. It is particularly good for dry shaving and can be adjusted to suit the contours and give a more personalized shaving experience.


The Andis comes with the integrated T-blade that is adjustable via two mounting screws. It comes with an eight foot power cord. There are a set of replacement blades with fine toothed trimming blades for detailed design, outlining and close trimming.


The Andis 04710 has a high speed magnetic motor that runs very fast delivering real power to the trimming blades however it can run quite hot so you need to be careful to lets the blades cool and not run it continuously or in long bursts. It runs reasonably quietly compared to other models for example the Wahl which can be very disconcerting sometimes. Ergonomically the shape fits the hand very well, that makes it maneuverable, and along with the very fine cutting teeth it makes in perfect for detailed design and outlining work. The close fitting blades also make the Andis suitable for dry shaving and it can and does shave as close as a blade. What is more the Andis is just as much a clipper as it is a trimmer and its broad headed blade makes bald cutting very swift. It really is as close you can get to the barbershop experience.


The Andis is easy to clean but you must keep those trimmer blades well oiled as it runs hot anyway due to the magnetic motor driving the heads. However if regularly cleaned and oiled there is very little adjustments required. What adjustments are required is simply by aligning the T-bar using the mounting screws.


Great for dry shaving

The Andis is so good at cutting facial hair it is not just trimmed it is shaved with no stubble remaining.

Sharp Blades

The sharp blades and fine cutting teeth make design and outlining precise.

It feels durable

Unlike some of the others most notably the Philips and the Wahl this unit feels that it was built to last.


It runs hot!

The Andis undoubtedly runs very hot, so hot it’s almost hard to hold.


The Andis outliner trimmer with T-bar is a professional quality grooming device favored by barbers. It is easy to see why as it has such great versatility. It can be used for outlining, designing, shaving facial hair and necks, trimming around ears, as well as trimming moustaches and beards. It is heavily endorsed by it acceptance by professionals and consumers alike who tend to consider it the leader in the field. The only drawback is that its high performance magnetic motor produces a lot of heat so after fifteen minutes or so it gets very hot.