Ion Haircut Clipper
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Lightweight cordless with Professionals in mind

The Conair Lithium Ion cordless is an extremely durable cordless cutter designed for the home but with professionals in mind. With a weight of only 4 ounces has a dimension of 2.5 x 11.8 x 9.2 inches, that makes it extremely easy to handle and maneuver.


The Conair cordless comes with all the accessories you would need even for a professional hairdresser. Just like the Wahl Lithium Ion cutter it comes with a large selection of cutter comb guides, it has ten to be specific, along with the barber’s comb, cape, styling comb, clips and scissors. This is practically the same inventory as with the Wahl’s home haircutting kits.


The Conair cordless is powered by a lithium Ion battery, which gives it a ninety minute runtime under normal load after a three hour full recharge. Additionally it can be put in quick charge mode that will provide a fifteen-minute runtime. The battery powers a direct-drive versatile and powerful motor. This gives it sufficient power to cut even the toughest or curliest of hair with ease. It is a very powerful unit and combined with its hardened steel blades it makes short work of the toughest jobs. Furthermore, those hardened stainless steel blades can cut at the steepest of angles something few other cutters can achieve.


Like so many other cutters the blades do need maintenance and they are not self-sharpening though they do not appear to dull easily even after extensive use. But like all cutters, bar the Philips they do need regular maintenance and to be kept clean and well lubricated.


Lithium Battery Powered

These are a vast improvement over the old NiCAD batteries powering other cordless cutters. The Conair has a 90 minute runtime and a three hour runtime with a quick recharge time of 15 minutes for 15 minutes runtime.

Powerful Motor

The direct drive motor is both powerful and versatile and does not fade. It also drives the blades so that the cutting is clean and efficient with no snagging, pulling or uneven cutting.


Cleaning the blades

This is not as intuitive or straightforward as it is with Wahl or the Oster as the blades have to be removed by removing two screws and sliding them out. It is a bit fiddly but nothing to be concerned with, however it just isn’t as straightforward as it is with other brands.

No Trimmer

There is no trimmer attached which will be a big turn-off for some people.


The Conair is another lithium battery cordless hair cutter that comes with a fully equipped set of tools and accessories. It is aimed at the consumer but with the professional in mind. It is delightfully light and small making it very easy to handle. It is for its lightweight seriously durable and comes from a manufacturer with a long history and fine reputation in professional hair grooming products. The only drawback is its lack of a trimmer.