76023-510 Fast Feed Comb Set
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One of the best selling hair-clippers

The Oster Professional 76023-510 is one of the top selling and most popular hair clippers around. It is marketed as not being just for head and facial grooming but for total body grooming.


It come with an adjustable fast feed blade from size 000 to size blade 1, 4 comb pieces and an additional 8 piece comb set with guide oil and cleaning brush. This addresses the main criticism of the standalone Oster Professional 76023-510 in that it only came with four combs that ranged from 3/8th of an inch to ½ an inch. Now this offering comes with an additional eight comb set giving a full range of hair cutting lengths from 1/8th on an inch, too one full inch. Additionally it comes with a fading or blending tool that allows gradual transition or blending of two districts lengths of hair. The Oster also comes with cleaning oil and a cleaning brush for maintenance.


The Oster’s performance is one of the things that differentiates it from its rivals it 12 amp powerful pivot motor which out powers magnetic style motors by a factor of two easily copes with any type of hair. The hair can be wet or dry it is no problem to the Oster’s powerful motor and sharp cutting blade. It shears through even the thickest hair with a single pass. The ease of handling and reliable almost single pass action makes for a smooth and reliable cut. The best thing though is that the Oster can be used for long periods without it heating, or slowing and the quiet vibration free grip makes for minimal hand fatigue.


The Oster is a powerful pivot motor driven hair cutter with sharp blades but they need maintenance. AS the blades are so close together it is necessary to keep them clean and oiled. It may seem strange but those tiny bits of hair the it had no problem slicing through can subsequently dry and clog the blades damaging them or resulting in painful pulled hair. The Oster though comes with the tools and oil required to keep the hand set in good condition.


Powerful Motor and Sharp Blades

The Oster has an extremely powerful motor which at 12 amps is larger than most of the competitors 8 amps. Its pivot motor produces more than sufficient power to drive the sharp bladed making cutting hair of all types easy.

Quiet, Vibration free,

The Oster is very quiet and vibration free operation makes it ideal for semi-professional use as it can be used for hours without any noticeable hand fatigue.


Lack of Guide Combs

The only weakness was the lack of guide combs, which restricted the cutting lengths, however that is addressed in this particular offering by including in the accessories a set of eight additional combs. But, this is the exception rather than the rule, usually the Oster only comes with the four guides.


A powerful and easy hair cutter to use that is quiet and vibration free. Its blending and fading tool is a popular attribute as is its lightweight and durability. It is probably the most powerful and robust of the haircutters in the two digit price range only much more expensive professional models can beat it for power.