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Cordless Clipper with Space-age looks

The Philips Nerelco is a cordless waterproof clipper and trimmer powered by lithium Ion technology. Just like the Wahl cordless it benefits from the new battery technology by having longer runtime and power than the NiCAD competitors in the cordless clipper marketplace. The Philips has an unusual design that is far removed from the traditional clipper/trimmer shape and compounds that by having a 180 degree rotatable head.


This is another first for the Philips because it doesn’t use any removable guides or combs everything is integrated and adjustable. There are 13 adjustable length setting ranging from 15/32 to 19/32 with self-sharpening stainless steel cutting blades that are washable making cleaning very easy. As the unit is waterproof you can just run it under the tap to clean.


The Philips is cordless and powered by Lithium Ion battery that gives a runtime of sixty minutes after a full recharge. However, unlike the other rechargeable clippers on the market the Philips has an extremely fast motor that when combined with its curved blades and length adjustments gives an extremely good haircut and trim. The blades effortlessly cope with even the most tough or wet hair without any tugging, pulling or cuts. This is an important attribute due to the Philips design – it has smooth curved elements on the blade and the comb scales, which ensure there will be no skin irritation or worse cuts. This is a vast improvement on other models, which could be very sharp and nasty to use. Additionally that 180-degree rotating head allows the clipper to follow the contours of your face of head so that you can access every area. It is very manageable and controllable.


The Philips is by far the easiest clipper to clean as it is sealed to prevent any hair or stubble finding its way into the motor of other working mechanisms. Furthermore, the Philips cordless is waterproof so can be easily cleaned in seconds without fear of water damage. There is also no oiling of cutter blades as there is on the Wahl models. This makes the Philips a very low maintenance device.


Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium battery technology provides superior performance and run time to NiCAD models.

Safety and Ease of use

This is a very easy, the easiest of them all to operate and what’s more it can be operated safely without fear of cuts and burns.


Can be easily cleaned and used safely in the bathroom


Flimsy Build

It has very many moving parts that simply clip together so appears flimsy and very lightweight.


The Philips Norelco cordless is a new design that is so different from the others it is an immediate standout. Fortunately, it lives up to that by producing good performance and runtime. It has many innovation in design that all work, making it the easiest and safest clipper on the market. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be built to last as it is made of flimsy plastic and many small moving parts.