Chrome Pro 24 Pc
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Haircut kit packed with accessories

The Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro haircut kit is designed and packaged not just for home-use but for sports use for swimmers, cyclists and those that require full body grooming. Additionally it has self-sharpening high carbon blades that stay sharp longer for easy maintenance and comes with a vast supply of accessories for almost every conceivable purpose.


As you might expect the Wahl 24-piece Haircut Kit comes with a large variety of accessories. This is due to its design was to cater to the needs of a wide variety of customers’ unique requirements. With that in mind, Wahl have added just about every accessory imaginable. It comes in a sturdy plastic storage and carrying case, it comes with 9 hair guide combs ranging from 1/16th to 1 inch, an eyebrow comb guide and a ear trim guide. Additionally, there is an assortment of combs, clips, cape and scissors, as well as a supply of maintenance oil and a cleaning brush.


The Wahl Haircut Kit performs very admirably with very little snagging or pulling it just slices through the hair. It needs to be taken slowly so not to clog the cutter blades but it is powerful and sharp so there should be no problem. It is sometimes deemed to run very noisy but that can be sorted by adjusting the screw on the side as that adjusts the distance the blades travels. Just be tweaking that setting can greatly reduce any excessive noise. The hand cutter is light and easy to use but care must be taken to read the manual first as mistakes are hard to rectify.


The cutters like on any of the other models require cleaning after use, and keeping well oiled. The blades run very close together so can generate a lot of friction so you will need to keep them well lubricated to work optimally. The handset is easy to clean and can be stored safely in the provider sturdy carry case.


Good Set of Accessories

The Wahl Chrome 24 Piece comes with an array of guides and accessories for most if not all usage. There are even ear trimmers one for the right and another for the left to protect the ears for close trimming. Being designed for athletes and sports use as well, it comes with close shave guide as well as a selection of nine hair comb guides.

Easy to use and performs well

The Wahl Chrome is almost unanimously acclaimed for its performance and ease of use. It comes with an instruction book that provides advice on how to best use the cutting comb guides for best results.


Can be noisy

There is a tendency for some units to run very noisily though this is not common. The blades can be adjusted to reduce this but sometimes that isn’t effective.

Overall Review

The Wahl is a very popular and home haircutting kit for a variety of usage. It comes with a wide selection of cutting guides, combs, cape and scissors. These might not be of the highest quality but they are sufficient for home use.