79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper
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Twice the power of other Wahl rechargeable

The Wahl cordless clipper is powered by Lithium Ion technology, which makes it twice as powerful and gives a greater run time. The cordless clipper is designed for use in outdoors environments like on the patio or the garage. It can be use for a full haircut or just for trimming. It has a contoured body, which makes it comfortable for either hand and its precision edged self-sharpening blades makes it perfect for detail and touch-ups.


The Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless comes with a multi-cut clipper and 14 cutting comb guides, left and right ear tapers, eyebrow and ear trim guides, blade guards, soft case, scissors, cape, styling comb, hair-clips and a barber’s comb. The range of comb guides range from 1/16th to 1 Inch. There is also a trimmer included though that requires an additional 1 AA battery. The cordless clipper comes with its own 110-volt AC charger unit.


The Wahl Lithium Ion has a runtime of one hour forty minutes according to the Wahl website on a fully charged battery. The recharge time is three hours. That is very impressive however, on the whole, people seem to be experiencing more like forty minutes. There is also a fifteen-minute quick charge feature that allows for twelve minutes of runtime. Furthermore the Lithium Ion cordless runs at +50% more power than the other Wahl rechargeable clippers meaning there is less snagging, pulling and uneven cutting. Lithium batteries are a big improvement over NiCad batteries and do not develop a memory or lose their charge over time like NiMH batteries. Lithium batteries will retain their charge for months.


As with all cutters it is very important to maintain and lubricate the blades. With the Lithium Ion cordless it uses a carbon self sharpening blade but the cutters requires to be oiled after every use and prior to use as the cutters can generate considerable friction if not adequately lubricated. One caveat on earlier NiCad models the head of the cutter was removable for easy cleaning and lubricating the cutters this is now not the case.


Cordless and quick recharge

The Lithium battery technology means that the cordless clipper can be recharged in three hours, or quick charged in 15 minutes.

Good selection of Accessories

A wide range of comb guides from 1/16th to 1 inch should cater for all requirements. There are also ear tapers and guide trimmers for ear and eyebrows.


The trimmer is not rechargeable

The small clipper or the trimmer is powered by a separate 1 AA battery which is not rechargeable. It also has no guides for different types of trimming and cutting teeth are to too far apart.


The Wahl Lithium Ion cordless clipper is an improved version over the earlier Wahl NiCad battery powered clippers. It is 50% more powerful and has faster charging and run time. As with all rechargeable there is different expectations regarding runtime in real world situations but the Wahl seems to meet customer satisfaction. The only downside is the trimmer, which seems to be more of an afterthought.