Wahl 84701 Professional
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A hair clipper for the Salon or Home

Wahl market the 84701 Professional Super Taper II as a haircutter that is equally at home in the barbershop, salon or the household. It is certainly robust enough for professional use, but a bit bulky and heavy, though that does give it a more credible professional durability. It has a very powerful V5000 motor, which can cut through even the thickest and wet hair with consummate ease. Probably due to its bulky casing there is also much less vibration and noise that with other clippers. This means a much more controlled and precise cut is possible as the blades are more manageable. The ergonomically designed grip fits nicely into the hand making it feel balanced and well-made feel.


The Wahl Super Taper II comes with eight combs, which are color coded for length and ease of use. Each has a set cutting length that varies from just 1/8th of an inch to one full inch. The color coding is a nice touch as it makes it far quicker and more convenient to locate and change the cutting comb to the correct size without having to stop and read the details on the comb each time.


The Wahl Super Taper II isn’t cordless so you do have the trailing cord to be concerned about though it is plenty long enough and doesn’t really get in the way too much. However, it does affect the angles that you can maneuver the clippers into to cut those finishing touches. The motor is powerful enough certainly for everyday use and there is no hint of the cutter blades jarring or slowing under load. In fact, the blades seem to just make easy work of any type of hair whether it is fine or course.


As with all clippers of this type the cutting edges consist of two blades on is stationary and the other upper blade vibrates side-to-side in order to slice through the hair. This means that because the blades are so close together they need to be cleaned and oiled regularly to keep the cutters in good shape. If not the blades can jam and affect the quality of the cut and possible result in putting rather than producing a clean cut.


Sturdy and Durable

The Wahl Super Taper II has a very professional feel to it as it is both sturdy, and durable but well balanced with nice ergonomically designed grip.

Color coded Combs

The eight color coded attachment combs range from 1/8th to one inch and are easily recognizable making swift changeover easy and convenient.

Powerful motor

The V5000 motor makes cutting even a full heedful of thick hair an easy task. It never seems to slow under load.


Bulky and heavy

It’s rather bulky and heavy but that may be why it’s so quiet and free of the usual vibrations found with other less robust designs.


The Wahl 84701 Professional Super Taper II is a powerful hair cutter aimed at both the home and professional user. It is robust, well-balanced, quiet and vibration free. It comes with eight comb attachments, which are color coded for easy recognition. It makes easy work of wet or dry hair and feels like it could work all day long.