Wahl Professional 8110 5-star
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Two cutting lengths – gone and almost gone

The Wahl Professional 8110 5-Star Balding Clipper is very similar to its stable mate the Wahl Professional Taper II but must not be confused. Whereas the Taper II is a cutting, trimming and styling tool the Balding clipper is exactly that. It has surgical blades simply for balding there is no alternative setting other that 1/16th and 3/16th. The 6×0 blade is adjustable for zero overlap for the closest shave possible with a cutter.


The Wahl Balding Clipper comes with a single blade and two plastic cutting guides. There is also a black barber’s comb and shaving brush along with the maintenance oil and instruction booklet. There is no real necessity for anything else as this is a tool designed, simply for removing all the hair. You will need to buy additional oil as the cutters need to be oiled after every use.


The Wahl uses the same powerful V5000 motor as the Wahl Taper II which means it is ample powerful enough to get the job done. It does however have surgical blades to ensure close crop shaving of the scalp. It doesn’t get as close as a razor no cutter will but it does get close and the blades are very sharp so you have to be careful that the scalp is clear of any moles or the like which the blade will slice through. For those experienced with cutters this may not be a problem but for shaving your own or someone’s head for the first time is not a job for a beginner with this tool. It is a great tool for the experienced but it can be very unforgiving and will cause cuts and grooves to the scalp for those impatient of lacking a steady hand.


The powerful motor and sharp blades make this a tool to be respected. As such, it is best to maintain and oil the blades and cutter guides daily. It also comes with a red blade guard and it is best stored with the blade guard in place. The Wahl Balding cutter comes with oil and cleaning and operating instructions.


Super Close and Fast

The Walh Balding clippers, due to its powerful motor and sharp blade make removing hair a very fast and clean process. The closest setting gets as close to bald as you can get without a razor.

Easy to use and adjust

The blade and cutting guides make the Wahl easy and effective to use but it needs to be well oiled and maintained.



The Wahl Balding Cutter can be very unforgiving in the wrong hands as the blades are very sharp.


A very effective and powerful balding tool, that doesn’t quite match a razor but is close enough for that one day growth look. It can be quick and effective in experienced hands – indeed it is extremely highly rated – but it is prone to leave the inexperienced with cuts, grooves and redlines on the scalp if used improperly. It also requires diligent maintenance and oiling or the cutting blade can start to snag but if well maintained and used with care it is a highly effective cutter.