Hair Dryer Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Hair Dryer Features To Look For


The motor on your hair blower is most directly responsible for drying time. A fast dryer will combine a good wattage, heat, and pressure so your hair dries quickly without getting damaged. AC motors and high-torque motors are a good choice, as they move air quickly through your hair. Salon-quality AC motors provide up to 40% faster air flow and can last up to 3 times longer than cheaper, lower-quality hair blowers. If you use your hair blower a lot, you’ll want a motor that is durable and will stay effective.


The amount of power you should look for in a hair blower depends on your hair type. Generally, high wattage is better than high heat, which can damage hair. If you have fine or thin hair, 1200-1500 watts is ideal, while medium/normal hair can have 1300-1800, and thick and/or curly hair can handle 1600-2000. Using the correct wattage will result in the fastest drying time without damaging your hair. Even if you have thick or curly hair, you can choose a hair dryer with a lower wattage and it will be fine. You can use a higher heat setting, but be wary of super-hot blow dryers. Never target one area of your hair for too long, even if it is thick and wet.


The settings on most hair blowers consist of heat and speed. Some dryers have three heat settings with two speeds, while others can have as many as 7 for both. High-speed, high-heat settings should be reserved for those with thick, long hair while low-speed, low-heat is best for fine hair. Using a different combination of heat and speed won’t necessarily damage your hair, but you should pay attention to how your hair responds in order to protect it. If you are relatively familiar with hair blowers and have very specific heat/speed requirements, one with more settings is probably better than one with fewer.


Most blow dryers include filters, which protect your dryer’s motor and extend its life. Filters gather dust, hair, and other debris, so they need to be cleaned. Some have hinges, so cleaning is easier. You can tell when it’s time for a clean when the hair dryer gets too hot or the airflow stalls. You can remove lint and hair with tweezers, and even vacuum the filter if it has removable grills.


A hair blower’s construction plays a big role in how it works. Ceramic is the popular material right now, because ceramic dryers use infrared heat, which doesn’t damage hair. Many dryers use triple-baked ceramic, which results in more even heat distribution. Tourmaline, which is a compound material of aluminum, iron, and so on, also uses infrared heat and does not create frizz. With infrared, you can use higher heat settings and won’t have to deal with damage.


Since you hold a hair blower with one hand, the weight is very important. If your hair is long, it can take a long time, and even a few pounds can seem heavy after a while. Hair blowers range from 1-3 pounds. The lightest ones are also usually smaller, so you can take them on trips without losing a lot of storage space.

Best Hair Dryer Brands


Rusk is a favorite brand among celebrities, particularly Nancy O’Dell, the host of Entertainment Tonight. Rusk also sponsors Nolcha Fashion Week, the showcase for independent fashion designers during New York’s fashion week. The models use Rusk hair blowers, hair sprays, mousse, shampoos, and more before walking the catwalk. The Rusk brand has hair dryers for every type of hair and uses materials like ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium to ensure even heat distribution.


Remington was originally a firearms manufacturing, but eventually broke up into a series of companies that focused on different products. This was triggered by the release of an electric shaver in 1937, which introduced Remington Products into the world. As a personal care line company, Remington makes razors, trimmers, flat irons, and hair dryers. Their hair blowers range in price from affordable to professional-grade, and include technologies like Ionic Ceramic and micro-conditioning rings.


Revlon burst in the scene in the 1930’s with the first pigment-based nail polish. After only six years, the company made its owners multimillionaires. Revlon added more to its manicure line in addition to lipstick. Their ads became legendary, and was also the first company to feature an African-American model (Naomi Sims). Revlon’s line of hair tools include brushes, curling irons, and hair blowers equipped with infrared and ionic technology.


Since 1959, Conair has been manufacturing personal beauty and health products. The founder, Leandro Rizzuto, began by selling hair rollers and hair dryers out of his garage. This led to the creation of brands like Curl Secret and Miracurl stylers. In addition to personal care products, Conair owns Cuisinart and produces kitchen and home appliances.

Features of Professional & Commercial Hair Dryers

Cool shot button

The cool shot button is an important feature of higher-end hair dryers. After blowing your hair dry with high heat, the cool shot” button uses cooler air to “seal” in the style. It also protects your hair against overheating. For best results, professionals recommend you use the cool shot feature when your hair is about 80% dry.

Concentrator and diffuser attachments

There are two attachments that professionals frequently use when blow-drying your hair, and you can buy dryers for home use that include these extras. A concentrator allows for more precise drying, and when you point the concentrator nozzle down to the ends of your hair, it reduces frizz. Concentrators are best to get waves. Diffusers are similar in that they prevent frizz and instead enhance the natural texture of your hair. People with curly or wavy hair benefit most from diffusers used on the low heat setting.

Ionic technology

When a hair blower includes ionic technology, it means that the hair blower is able to create negative ions which break down water molecules. This results in faster dryer with less heat, which is always a healthier option for your hair. Some hair dryers use additional technology on top of ionic. The Pearl Hair Dryer from Revlon uses ceramic that’s been infused with crushed pearls, which creates micro-conditioners that seal in silkiness. The risk with ionic tech is that many people don’t notice when their hair is dry because it happens so fast, and they end up over-drying their hair.

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