Tourmaline 3000 Hair Dryer
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Lightweight and Fast

The Babylis Pro 3000 is one of the lightest blow dryers you’ll find on the market. Because it is so lightweight, you may think it wouldn’t be powerful, but in fact it is a very powerful hair dryer. It dries hair quickly and efficiently. When compared to a less efficient dryer, this one can easily cut your drying time in half.

Smooth and Silky Results

The Babylis Pro BABTT5585 uses far-infrared heat that gently dries the hair follicles from the inside out. This means that hair takes less damage and is less likely to become frizzy or have fly away hairs. You’ll get smooth, salon-like results using this blow dryer.


Lightweight Design

The first thing you’ll notice about this dryer is the light weight. It is very powerful, but extremely lightweight. It weighs just over a pound. This means your arm won’t become exhausted, even if you have very thick or long hair. It also makes it easier to travel with, which is nice if you need a hair dryer to put in your gym bag.

Quiet Operation

Another advantage to the design of this blow dryer is that it actually operates quietly. All hair dryers are noisy, but this one is relatively quiet. If you have other people in the home to consider, especially children who you’d rather not wake up, this is a good option for you.

Plenty of Selections

There are some good options on this hair dryer. It has three heat settings, cool, warm and hot. Many dryers only offer two settings (hot and cool) so it’s nice to have that mid-level option. There are also two airspeeds – high and low. The cold button is also a plus because you can stop the heat to set your style.


Button Placement

While the design of this hair dryer is overall really great, you may not like how the buttons are placed on the Babylis 3000. They are near the area where your fingers fall when you’re drying your hair, so you may accidentally turn it off or switch heat during drying.

Removable Filter can Break

The easy to remove filter is a good feature on this unit, but unfortunately, it isn’t designed to last. The tabs that hold the plastic back in place often break early in the dryer’s life span.

Overall Review

The Babylis Pro BABTT5585 3000 with tourmaline powered infrared heat is a good option for a higher end blow dryer. There are a couple of minor design flaws with the buttons and the removable back, but overall it has a great design. The included concentrator attachment helps to give smooth shiny results every time. It is very lightweight, making it a great choice if you have thick hair that takes longer to dry. It is also very quiet, so if you want your children to keep sleeping while you get ready, this is a great option for you. Despite being so quiet and lightweight, it actually is very powerful and you’ll notice that it cuts drying time tremendously.