Xtreme Dryer
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Comfortable, Easy to Use Design

The BaByliss Pro BAB2000 features a rubberized handle that makes blow drying your hair much more comfortable and enjoyable. The rubber casing also makes it less likely that you’ll drop the blow dryer, which is a really nice feature. The infrared heat is broadcast by porcelain for smooth and silky hair that doesn’t frizz or fly away with static.

Professional Features

The Pro BAB2000 features a professional grade motor that has an extra-long life span. The narrow barrel focuses the air flow for maximum efficiency while drying hair. There are 6 different heat and speed settings. The micro concentrator nozzle is an extra touch that increases efficiency.


Grip and Handle

The standout feature of this Ceramix Xtreme dryer is the easy to hold rubberized grip. The similar BaByliss dryers don’t have it. It makes it easier to hold and harder to drop, all good things.

Professional Grade Results

The BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme gives great, salon-grade results. The hair finishes soft, smooth and silky. The ceramic broadcasted far infrared heat dries the hair from the inside out, preventing damage and leaving hair salon-quality smooth.

Extra Fast Drying

The BAB2000 features a narrow barrel that concentrates the heat on a smaller area of hair that creates faster drying. The micro concentrator nozzle works as a diffuser to efficiently concentrate heat and speed up the drying time even more. The cold blast button helps you to set your style without heat with the push of a button.


Not the Lightest Dryer

The Ceramix Xtreme is one of the heaver models in the BaByliss line. It’s a powerful dryer and that comes with some weight. It may not be a great choice if you have carpal tunnel or a similar issue, but it dries so fast and rubber grip is so easy to hold that you may not even notice the extra weight.

Buttons are an Issue

As with all of the BaByliss blow dryers, we must mention the buttons because this is really is a design drawback if you’re investing in a quality hair dryer. The buttons are placed exactly where you want to put your hand when you’re drying your own hair. This means you’ll often accidentally press the cold blast button when you don’t mean to, until you figure out the best way to hold it.

Overall Review

Like all BaByliss dryers, the buttons are something you have to learn to work around because they aren’t really designed for instinctive use. The BaByliss Pro BAB2000 is also a heavy hair dryer, which is usually the price you pay for faster drying and a quality build. These are things to think about, but all in all, this dryer shouldn’t let you down. It offers professional grade results, the micro concentrator nozzle and thin barrel make for very fast drying and the ceramic blasted red infrared heat give the hair a very smooth and silky finish. The best part of this dryer is the addition of the rubberized soft grip that helps compensate for the heaviness of the unit.