Pro BABP2800 2000W
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Professional Results in Less Time

The BaByliss Pro BABP2800 uses a porcelain ceramic to beam far infrared heat to the hair. This allows the hair follicles to dry from the inside out, leaving it shiny, smooth and frizz-free. This BaByliss is a professional grade model, but you’ll love using it every day. It works well and drying time is significantly reduced over less powerful models in the same price range.

Great for More Volume

The BABP2800 is great if volume is a concern for you. The negative ions create a lot of lift without causing static. There are 6 speed and heat settings, plus a cool button that allows you to quickly stop the heat and set your style.


Fast Drying

The biggest strength you’ll notice with the BaByliss Pro 2000-watt porcelain dryer is how quickly it dries hair. It will work for long, thick or curly hair, or a combination of all of those hair types that take longer to dry, and you’ll notice that the time it takes to style and dry your hair is cut significantly.

Professional Heat Level

Because the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 is designed as a professional grade dryer, it comes with higher heat capabilities than you may be accustomed to. This means that it’s perfect for styling and straightening, and could cut out your need for a straightener altogether.

Easy Filter Cleaning

The back of the BaByliss 2000-Watt easily screws on and off for easy filter cleaning. This is an improvement over other models that feature a snap off back that can fall off or break.


Heavy Build

It makes sense that the BaByliss Pro BABP2800 is a little heavier than some other models. For one thing, it has the ceramic porcelain, which is not a lightweight material. Also, it is built to be a professional grade blow dryer, so the tradeoff for power and quality is extra weight. Still, there are good dryers that weigh less, so this is an issue to consider.

Inconvenient Button Placement

The poorly designed button placement is a recurring issue on the BaByliss brand. This is because they are designed for professional use, and a stylist would hold the dryer in a different way than you hold it when drying your own hair. Because of this, the buttons can get in the way or you can accidentally push them while drying.

Overall Review

The BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic blow dryer is designed for professionals. This means it has a very high heat that can effectively straighten and style better than a non-professional grade hair dryer. It’s not the lightest dryer on the market but it gets the job done very fast. Like many BaByliss, the buttons are designed with a stylist in mind, rather than a person doing their own hair. The negative ion power creates lift and volume and the far infrared heat gives a smooth and static free finish. This makes it a great option for all hair styles, but especially good for curly or thick hair that may need the extra heat.