Conair 1875 Reviews
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Inexpensive Dryer with Extras

The Conair Tourmaline Ceramic is an affordable alternative to the pricey professional grade tourmaline ceramic hair dryers on the market. And while it may not exactly beat those models for function, when it comes to value, this is a great choice. It has three speed settings in addition to a cold shot button. There are two attachments that come with blow dryer. The diffuser is great for curly and hard to manage hair, and the concentrator gives shine to smaller pieces of hair at a time for detailed styling.

Easy to Use

The Conair Soft Touch has been designed for ease of use for the home stylist. The high-torque motor means fast drying and the hinged back allows for easy cleaning of the filter. The hang ring is a nice extra for storage options with this dryer. The body of the unit is covered with a soft rubber housing which creates additional comfort while using the dryer as well as more durability if you ever drop it.


Comfortable to Use

The Soft Touch has the addition of the matte coating that feels soft and comfortable in your hand. This coating is unique to dryers in this price range, which are usually made of simple plastic. The long cable also adds some comfort and ease of use to this dryer.

Quiet Motor

While the motor is powerful considering the size and price of the dryer, it still manages to function in relative quiet. This is a good plus for anyone worried about waking anyone while getting ready.

Good Investment

The Conair Soft Touch tourmaline dryer is a good use of your money if you’re in the market for an inexpensive dryer that will get the job done. Not only will you get a dryer that functions well and has a long life span, you’ll appreciate the attachments, the longer cord and the high blowing power.


Less Heat

The Soft Touch isn’t the highest heat dryer in this price range. If you are buying a dryer with the purpose of doing a lot of straightening on very curly hair, you may need to invest in a model that has a higher heat level to accomplish your styling needs.

Extensions Pop Off

The attachments to this Conair are very good, but the way they attach to the barrel leaves something to be desired. Unfortunately, they can pop off if bumped during use, meaning that you may lose an attachment during styling. This is an inconvenience, but for the price of the dryer, you may be willing to deal with it.

Overall Review

The Conair Soft Touch tourmaline dryer was built as a lower price point, at-home version of the high-end salon grade tourmaline dryers on the market. If you’re interested in this type of dryer, it’s a good starter option. And although the extensions can pop off while you’re using the dryer, and you may notice that it doesn’t get quite as hot as some other brands, this dryer has several functions to love. The highlight is the soft coating that makes it easy to hold and soft to the touch. It’s also lightweight and features a longer than average cord, making it easy to use.