High Pressure 2000W Hair
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High Pressure Power

The Elchim 2001HP is a step above other hair dryers because of the high power design. It’s been built for maximum air-flow with 1700-2000 watts of force. This is a professional grade blow dryer. It is manufactured in Italy, one of the most stylish countries in the world, and is well-known in the hair care industry.

Made for Thick and Curly Hair

The Elchim 2001HP is absolutely designed to tackle the thickest and curliest of hair. The high pressure air flow easily and gently adds a straightening element and the heat boosts styling. The results are silky and frizz free.


Light for Power Level

Compared to other blow dryers in the price and power range, this one is very light. It’s been designed to be easy and comfortable to hold and use. It still isn’t lighter than a dryer designed for home use only, but in the world of professional grade dryers, it’s light.

Salon Quality Design

The Elchim high pressure blow dryer has been designed with professionals in mind, and it is a favorite among the professional hair styling community. This means some great extras for you, like an extra-long extension cord, easy to use attachments, attractive form with a thin barrel and a fan that doesn’t make excess noise. All of these extra features add value to the purchase of this salon quality tool.

Smooth Results

Because the Elchim 2001HP has been designed for thick and curly hair, it absolutely delivers smooth results. The high power allows you to smooth out any fizziness and the included concentrator lets you focus on smaller areas at a time.



While this is a good quality dryer that will give great results, it also is quite an investment. If you’re on a budget, you can get similar results for less, although the competition won’t have the same level of power or heat or the extras like the salon length cord and quiet fan. If budget isn’t as much of an issue but you want a quality product, this would be a good choice for you.

Requires Maintenance

Because of the high wind power that this one generates, you do have to pay attention to the filter. It’s powerful, and that high power means it collects debris in the filter quickly, which can lead to lessening the power of the motor. Be sure to clean it and you won’t have any trouble with this.

Overall Review

This Elchim 2001HP is a salon quality tool with a sleek and attractive design. It is an investment, and you do have to protect your investment by regularly cleaning the filter. But if you’re looking for a very high powered and professional quality blow dryer that will add a level of smoothness to the most curly and thick hair, this is a great option. You’ll appreciate how light it is and the little extras like the salon-length cord and quiet fan. If frizz is a concern for you, you’ll be very happy with this purchase.