TStudio Salon Collection Ac2015 Tstudio
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Quality Dryer With Extras

The Remington Ac2015 is a dryer designed for home use that will mimic the results you get from a salon. It comes with several extras, including an airflow diffuser that you can attach to maintain curls and a concentrator for precision styling or drying. The ionic generator and pearl ceramic is a professional grade feature that you don’t always find at this price.

Reliable Settings

There are three settings on this Tstudio Pearl Ceramic, which is an improvement over some competitive dryers that only have two settings. The third setting is a great option for drying when you don’t need the higher heat to style, and the cool setting is a great way to prevent damage. Even better, the ceramic heat means that the temperature you pick is the temperature of the air that actually comes out of the blow dryer, not true for other types of dryers.


Fast and Powerful

This a home-grade dryer that actually has a salon-grade motor. This means faster drying for you. The concentrated air flow is up to 40 percent faster than other dryers in its class. This is a big plus because you can cut your styling time without spending as much as you would on a professional grade dryer.


The Remington Ac2015 performs like a much more expensive blow dryer, and comes with design features that you don’t always find on a hair dryer for this price. The attachments add to the value, and it’s built to last, so it’s a great investment.

Curly Hair Controlled

The included diffuser is wonderful for curly hair. It manages to eliminate frizz while accentuating curls, leaving smooth, silky curls that are easy to style.


Not Dual Voltage

While this blow dryer stands up to some of the professional grade models in some areas, if you’re a traveler you may be disappointed. It’s not dual voltage, while most high-grade models are, so it can’t go overseas with you. For that, you will have to upgrade to a more professional blow dryer.

Heavy For its Class

The Remington Tstudio Pearl Ceramic has been given a really powerful, salon grade motor. But this comes at the price of a little extra weight. You could buy a lighter dryer for the same price, but you’d be sacrificing the power offered by this model.

Overall Review

For professional results for less, this Remington Ac2015 is a great choice. It uses pearl ceramic technology to make the hair shiny, silky and irresistibly touchable. It comes with an air diffuser that is perfect for curly hair and the three speed settings are a definite plus. The pearl technology means that when you set the heat, it stays at that temperature with varying. While a traveler may miss the dual voltage that most professional grade hair dryers have, and everyone might notice the extra weight of this model, overall it’s a great choice. For the price of a standard home-use model, you actually get a professional grade motor that should last a long time.