Revlon RV544PKF Ceramic Blow Dryer
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Good Dryer, Great Price

The Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic is a dryer designed for at-home use, rather than professional use. It is a highly affordable dryer that stands up well to everyday use, and the ionic ceramic is triple baked to distribute heat evenly and prevent damage to the hair. It comes with both a concentrator and a diffuser attachment to give more styling options.

High Powered Air-Stream

For a blow dryer that is designed for home use, it blows with the power of a professional dryer. This means you’ll get a better result while styling, especially if your goal is to straighten curly hair without having to get out the flat iron. There are two settings for heat and speed, and a cold blast button for convenience.


Very Light Weight

The Revlon 544PKF is one of the lightest weight dryers available. It fits easily into a bathroom drawer, which is a nice improvement over some more bulky dryers available in this price range. This is a huge advantage for anyone with a lot of hair who expects to be drying for a while.

Air Speed Power

The 544PKF performs at a level that could actually be compared to a much more expensive model. Although it as designed for use at home, even a stylist could appreciate how well this one works. The air power is so strong that you’ll be happy you have the diffuser for certain situations.


The best plus when it comes to the Revlon Tourmaline Ionic hair dryer is how well it works for the price. For a very small fraction of the pricey brands, you will end up with a blow dryer that really pulls its weight. You’ll notice a decrease in dry time and soft, smooth results.


Button Design

The buttons on the 544PKF are not designed for convenient use. They are I a place that your hand naturally wants to be while you are drying, so you may end up hitting the buttons by accident. This includes the on and off switch as well as the cold blast button.

Too Much for Fine Hair

While the Revlon RV544PKF is great because it blows so hard, this is also a bit of a challenge if you have very fine hair. If you have thinning hair, you may not like this dryer because it blows so hard and it could increase your hair loss. If you use the diffuser, it will help.

Overall Review

There is a lot to like about the Revlon tourmaline ionic. While it was definitely designed for home use as opposed to professional use, when it comes to air speed and power, it actually does hold up to a more expensive dryer. It comes with a diffuser for softer air power, but it may still be a bit too much if you have hair that is very fine or thinning. And despite a less than perfect button design, the light weight and affordability of this model make it very hard to beat.