Rusk Speed Freak Dryer
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Hot and Powerful

The Rusk Speed Freak lives up to its name. It features a powerful AC motor that is professional grade. It puts out a high level of heat, perfect for styling even the thickest or curliest of hair as quickly as possible. If you normally spend thirty minutes drying your hair, and you want to cut that significantly, the Speed Freak will not let you down.

Professional Quality

The Rusk Speed Freak tourmaline hair dryer is used by professionals because of the high quality results it can give. The barrel is infused with both ceramic and tourmaline for smooth output of far infrared heat that will not damage your hair. This means you’ll get a silky smooth result in record time, even if your hair is normally a challenge.


High Heat

The Rusk Speed Freak gets very hot. It does have 7 different settings for speed and heat customization, so you can get a lower heat. But if you choose the hottest, you’ll be amazed at the amount of non-damaging heat this dryer can put out. This means fast drying and easy styling for you.

Frizz Free Results

The Speed Freak uses ceramic and tourmaline for non-damaging far infrared heat. It also comes with a diffuser attachment to tame wavy or curly hair that normally frizzes under the heat of a standard blow dryer. It will give shiny, frizz and static free results.

Additional Design Perks

There are some good design elements that make this hair dryer even better. For example, the removable filter makes maintenance a snap. The entire unit is designed with perfect balance so it feels good and comfortable in your hand as you style.


Very Heavy

The biggest thing you’ll notice about the Speed Freak is how heavy it is. This is due to the powerful motor and ceramic material that work to dry your hair so fast. Most people find that it’s not a big issue since it does dry hair so fast.


The Rusk Speed Freak is also a bit loud. You can find a comparable hair dryer that won’t make as much noise, but it probably won’t have quite the speed that this one does. So it comes down to a tradeoff between noise and speed. Also, it’s been built to be shock resistant, which is a great advantage if you’re going to travel with it.

Overall Review

The Rusk Speed Freak is known in the professional world as a quality blow dryer that works faster than anything else on the market. It isn’t the lightest or most quiet blow dryer in this price range, but it still offers a lot of great features. The silky and touchable results you’ll get from this model are hard to beat. It puts out enough heat that you won’t have to use a flat iron to straighten your hair. The bottom line: if getting the blowout done quickly is your biggest priority, you will love the Speed Freak form Rusk.