Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum
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The Black & Decker Platinum is a handheld vacuum with extendable reach flexibility through a 4 foot flexible hose attachment. The vacuum is very light at one pound and the flexible hose system makes it easy to get at hard to reach places. The four foot hose attachment combined with the high power motor makes easy work cleaning pet hairs of upholstery. The powerful motor and three stage filtration system delivers fade free performance driven by Lithium battery technology. The Platinum BDH2000FL uses the same improved battery as the Platinum 2000L hand vacuum but the design and construction of their bodies are quite different.

Improved battery performance

The long life and quick recharge Lithium Ion battery in a vast improvement over the nicad batteries used in other handheld vacuums. The Lithium battery has no memory effect and can retain a charge for up to 18 months. The charging base that the vacuum sits on has a blue recharge indicator which lets you know that the device is in the recharging process. The charge unit uses SmartCharge technology so only charges when necessary this reduces energy consumption by up to 50%. The Lithium batteries recharge much quicker than the previous used nicad batteries, recharging in just a couple of hours and provide good run-time – approx. 20 minutes. They are also not susceptible to the memory effect, which can reduce and impair battery life.

Practical and stylish design

The Platinum BDH2000FL is designed to be practical to use in those awkward hard to reach places. It comes in two parts the handheld main body and the flexible hose so it is not quite so maneuverable and versatile as a single hand vacuum. However, being so lightweight it is still a convenient alternative for jobs where you don’t want to use a full sized vacuum. The vacuum accessories – the flip up brush, crevice tool and pet hair removal tool – are stored inside storage caddy which is part of the charging base unit, so they won’t be misplaced. The 4 ft flexible hose wraps around the caddy for compact storage. Another neat design feature is that like on the other Black & Decker hand vacuums the dirt collection jar is translucent and easily checked when the vacuum is in use. There is no bag just a collection jar and filters which are easily ejected by the touch of a button.


Easy cleaning

The vacuum not only makes cleaning easier it is also easy to clean. The dirt collection jar is easily ejected and emptied. Removable filters are washable under running water and are even dishwasher safe.

Typical uses

The Black & Decker Platinum is suitable for those quick clean ups around the house where you do not want to lug about a full sixed vacuum. Its flexible hose makes reaching awkward places easier and is especially adept at removing stubborn pet hairs from upholstery and clothing. It seems equally proficient on both soft material such as carpets and sofas as it is on kitchen surfaces and tiles.

Flexible and versatile

The Platinum with its flexible hose is a versatile and powerful vacuum for all the jobs where a lightweight vacuum will do the job.

Great battery

The new Lithium technology improves the functionality of the vacuum giving it quicker recharge time, longer storage capability without sacrificing run time.



The powerful motor generates a lot of noise.

Overall Review

This is an ideal solution for when a full size vacuum is not needed such as in a small apartment or for the workshop. It is powerful yet lightweight and easy to clean and the flexible hose lets you get at all those hard to reach places.