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The Black & Decker CHV1510 hand vacuum is a lightweight compact hand held vacuum designed for those quick clean up jobs around the home. It has some new design improvements over previous Black & Decker hand held models such as a longer nozzle to improve reach and versatility. It has a wide mouth design with allows it to scoop up larger pieces of debris and the innovative cyclonic filter technique ensures the filters do not clog up and reduce suction power. The Black & Decker also comes with accessories to improve its functionality such as a flip up brush, crevice tool and nozzle extender which are safely stored on-board which prevents them being misplaced. Another improvement over previous models is the base charger has not got mounting options.

Wall mounted charger

One of the most common complaints about previous Black & Decker hand held vacuums was that the recharger was not wall mountable and took up to much space. On previous models the charging base unit was located on a flat horizontal surface such as a table or the floor and the vacuum lay horizontal on top. This required a lot of space around the charger. Now with the Cordless Cyclonic Hand vacuum there is an option to mount the charger on a wall which is convenient as it takes up much less space. There are three ways to use the charger; horizontally, vertically or mount on a wall.

Cyclonic filter system

As its name suggests – the Cordless Cyclonic Hand vacuum – Black & Decker are proud of their triple layer cyclonic filtration system. The technique, which uses the disturbed air around the filters to prevent dirt settling and clogging them up, keeps the filters clear and the suction strong.

Stylish practical design

The Black & Decker design is both aesthetically pleasing and very practical. It is appealing enough to be a household appliance yet rugged and practical for use in the workshop. One nice design touch is that it uses a translucent collection jar which allows you to check to see if it is full when in use. The collection jar and cyclonic filters are easily removed for cleaning.

Easy cleaning

Both the opaque collection jar and the removable filters are ejected at the push of a button located on the handle. They can then be emptied and washed under running water.

Lightweight and manageable

The Black and Decker CHV1510 is very manageable as it is just under 3 pounds and so can be maneuvered into the tightest of spaces.

Powerful suction

It has a very powerful action which stays consistent due to the cyclonic filtration and exhaust system keeping the airways clear.

Good running time

The battery provides for good run-time sufficient for those quick clean up jobs.

Accessories stored on-board

A good practical design was to store the accessories onboard as this prevents them being misplaced.

Cons: Recharge time is very long

It can take up to 24 hours to fully recharge the battery.


The Black & Decker CHV1510 is an improvement on earlier handheld models as the nozzle length has been extended to improve the reachability and versatility of the vacuum. The vacuum produces great suction making it a great general purpose vacuum for use on any type of surface, from carpets to tiles. It can handle pet hairs on upholstery to sawdust on the workshop floor. The only drawback is its long recharge time – but for an occasional use vacuum that isn’t a great problem.